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brazil lizardWhen it comes to protecting our planet, Brazil isn’t leaving anything to chance. The country’s per capita emission rate of CO2 per year remains well below the global average and it has been a leader in negotiations to introduce carbon-trading mechanisms. This commitment extends to local tourism, as Intrepid Express reader Shannon Smith explains…

“I found myself kitting up for a day of river snorkelling. This is the thing to do in Bonito as it claims to have the world’s clearest river. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Images of a dark, slimy waterway circulated in my mind, as none of the rivers back home would really entice me to dive in donning a snorkel and mask.

They take their eco-preservation seriously in this area of Brazil, to protect the environment and therefore their flow of tourist dollars. No sunscreen is allowed, also no contact with the bottom in an effort to preserve its natural state. So we practice our floating style for a short while at the entry point to the river.

Despite the warm water, we set off in our wetsuits which will protect us from the underwater debris. It is amazing! Crystal clear water, beautiful large fish, fallen trees, some of which we have to pass under and others we swim over. It’s a real adventure and you feel like an invisible spectator as you coast down the river for a few hours. Allowed a glimpse into the life of a fresh water fish in one of the world’s most luxurious natural homes!”

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* photo by Nathan Kellett – Intrepid Photography Competition

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