lose years in lombok

lombokWant to look and feel five years younger? According to legend, that’s the result when you bathe in Sendang Gila Waterfall on the island of Lombok, so Intrepid’s Sally Arnold couldn’t wait to take a dip in Indonesia

“From the small rustic village of Senaru, nestled between the base of Mt Rinani and the edge of the lush rainforest, our journey begins. We head off though the jungle to the waterfall. It’s not long before we come to an aqueduct-type bridge. We climb the staircase and step carefully across the bridge, which is actually a water channel suspended over a ravine about ten metres below – not for the faint-hearted! We continue following a series of irrigation channels until we reach the river, then it’s time to roll up our trousers, hold onto our guide and cross the icy water that’s refreshing in the heat.

After scrambling over a few boulders, we feel the air becoming very damp with the spray from the magnificent waterfall. Time for a dip and hopefully the promised results! We have fun climbing into the small cave behind and jumping into the falls for a massage from Mother Nature as the water pours down with great force. Too soon, it’s time to return. We walk back to the sounds of birds, and the occasional monkey, chattering overhead and rays of light bring out the brightest of greens in the tropical foliage. As we ascend, returning to our starting point, we all agree, who needs face lotions and cosmetic surgery – if we don’t look five years younger, we certainly feel it!”

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* photo by Bruce Wong – Intrepid Photography Competition

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Hi Jo,
Thanks so much for your comment letting us know about our spelling error and we’re very pleased that the typo has now been fixed.
Best wishes, Sue, Intrepid Express editor.


Hallo everyone, my name is Tejo but you can call me Jo. I was live in North Sumatra but now I’m stay in wonderfull Island. The Island of Lombok. I like to ad information on the story here, that the name of the Water Fall is Sendang Gila not Singang Gila. Sendang it mean Water and Gila it mean Crazy, so it mean Crazy Water in English Language. In Lombok there are many others Water Falls. Thank’s to the writer to let me live a comment here.

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