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jerusalem israelOne of Intrepid’s newest trips, Journey to Jerusalem, shares its name with the book by Grace Halsell, a play by Maxwell Anderson and a Biblical tale. The region has in fact inspired many great literary works and as Intrepid Express reader Doug Lyon discovered, regardless of faith, Israel is a remarkable place to visit…

“Arriving in Jerusalem I was struck by the contrast between ancient and modern. People in modern clothes walked beside those in religious garb and with others wearing traditional clothing. The presence of religion was everywhere, from the Islamic students to the Jewish and to the Christian. There are many mosques, cathedrals, synagogues, and small churches to visit and tour. The rich history of the city was awe-inspiring.

The city and the entire region have a history of violence and war, but the people were as friendly as neighbours to me. I spoke with a Palestinian woman who walked with me for a while and gave me a tour of her neighbourhood. I met a young Jewish woman in a restaurant who told us about the city and life in a war-torn country. The contrasts in culture, in religion, in architecture, and in people make Jerusalem a city that captures your imagination and your spirit.”

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Journey to Jerusalem – 8 days

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* photo by Guy Needham – Intrepid Photography Competition

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Debora Olivier / Reply

Do you still have Journey to Israel available. I used to be able to see the itinerary on my phone but I can’t find it. I’m interested in the May 5th departure

Intrepid Admin / Reply

Hi Debora,

Indeed we do have a trip – it’s the Israel Real Food Adventure and you can read all about it here:

The only May departure we have is for 14 Mat 2016 – I’m not sure if that’s what you were after?

If you have any further questions, drop our sales team a line on and they’ll get back to you quick smart.

Cheers and happy travels,

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