Why Japan is a total flirt (in 112 seconds)

Apprentice geisha in Kyoto Japan

It’s true, Japan is a bit of a flirt. She lures you in with promises of crazy technology, friendly people and of course delicious food.

Next minute, she’s totally transcended everything you ever imagined.

East meets west is an understatement – Japan is neither. It’s where a city really isn’t ‘just another city’, but a microcosm of amazing culture, each one outdoing the last.

So enjoy 112 seconds of this melting pot of insanely awesome everything (from bowing deer in Nara to okonomiyaki in Hiroshima).

Video: by Rikki Brown
Photo: by Jonathon Ng in Kyoto, for the Intrepid Photography Competition.

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Dom Morgan - Dom travels for three reasons: his obsession with planes, the people along the way and finding new [greasy and delicious] foods. When he's not eating he's rambling about travel.

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