Why has Iran got people talking?

Intrepid tour leader in Iran

Who better to ask about travelling to Iran than a local?

Reza Poorhoseini has been leading Intrepid trips in Iran since they first started in 2006. He’s passionate about his homeland and has a wealth of information about the region, so we asked him what should people expect to see and discover in his country?

“Iran is rich in history and has established a great civilisation over thousands of years. There are many amazing monuments that you won’t want to miss visiting. The landscapes are stunning as well and so varied. From subtropical dense forests to beautiful plains, rugged mountains and two of biggest deserts in the world are in Central and Eastern Iran.”

Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Yazd Iran

Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Yazd – photo by Reza Poorhoseini

What is the most frequently asked question you receive from travellers?
“Travellers usually ask about the lifestyle and traditions, or sometimes ask questions regarding political or social issues.

I enjoy answering all these questions because it helps give people a greater understanding and appreciation of my country. And my top tip to visitors is don’t worry about asking the locals questions. Persian people love meeting travellers from other parts of the world and will be happy to respond to you candidly.”

What are people most surprised to find out about Iran?
“My Intrepid groups are usually surprised to discover how clean and safe the country is and the amount of hospitality they receive. There are misconceptions out there about it being dangerous or locals not liking foreigners, but travellers quickly realise these are definitely not the case.”

Can you describe your favourite local dish?
Fesenjan is my favourite and I think it’s also the most popular with travellers. It’s a deliciously thick slow-cooked chicken stew made with pomegranate syrup and ground walnuts. Intrepid groups get to learn how to cook this dish or other similar recipes in our cooking class with a local family, which everybody loves experiencing. You can also try the local Yazd fesenjan that’s made with camel.”

Ancient ice storage in Arbarkooh Iran

Ancient ice storage in Arbarkooh – photo by Reza Poorhoseini

Any recommendations for how to prepare for an adventure in Iran?
“It’s good to watch movies like Separation, Turtles Can Fly, Circle, The Color of Paradise, Gabbeh, Bashu and The Little Stranger.

There are also many great books that will help give you more information. Here’s a good list of top 10 Iranian books from the Guardian.

It’s important to pack appropriate clothes. For women this includes a manteau or long-sleeve shirt of any colour that is long enough to come down to your knees, loose-fitting trousers and a scarf. Women don’t strictly have to wear headscarves, but it is advisable to be respectful of the local culture. For men, short or long-sleeve shirts are fine and long trousers are recommended.”

Finally, how do you say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you?
Salam is hello and mamnoon means thank you.”

Mamnoon Reza! 🙂

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Great article and pictures @intrepid_travel. It’s always nice to have a good guide to take care of everything especially with the reliability of Intrepid. Your follower @Sfiran_Travel & http://www.sfiran.com


Very nice article and yes iran is a very beautiful place to go for. Historic places of islam are also present there which is the most interesting thing to see in Iran


Iran is no doubt a beautiful place to explore and go it also translates the muslim history. There are a lot of places in Iran that explain old heritage of Islam,


Iran is wonderful, forget the media and mass about Iran, go there and see the things by your own eyes, i;ve spend a wonderful 3 weeks time in Iran from Tabriz to Bam in Kerman , just loved it, my tour guide from irtouring was very useful one in this trip, i hope more tourist can get to Iran soon and see this awesome country, foods are beautiful, people are friendly and the tea houses are just one of my fav.


Im ehsan from tehran,
l would be grateful if please guide me how to be the member of intrepid, to be a leader in touring tehran for dear foreigners?
thank you so much in advance


Hello Sue,
This is Hossein from Iran. I am an English Teacher in a small town, but really interested in tour guiding and also know the north-west of Iran very well. I’ll be grateful if you let me know how to join to Intrepid group?
Hossein Moradi

James Shackell / Reply

Hi Hossein,

Thanks so much for getting in touch. We’re always on the lookout for new leaders, especially in great destinations like Iran. I’ve been in touch with our on-the-ground teams and found a number you can call for more information.

Mr. Reza Poorhoseini
M: +98(0)9337408300

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Mac and Ann CORRY / Reply

We would like to come to Iran in September or October and would prefer to travel with a small group.
Not interested in big hotels or expensive anything, but in people and all cultural activities, ancient buildings, old rugs, weaving, village life, mountains and desert.

We are pensioners (aged 69 and 71) with Irish and British passports respectively. Reasonably fit.

Impressed by your responsible travelling and happy to travel any of the ways you suggest.

Mac and Ann

Hi Mac and Ann,

Thanks for your comment and it’s exciting to hear that you’re considering a trip to Iran.

Our Iran Adventure is extremely popular and there are now only a few places left in October. You can find more information about the trip, as well as detailed trip notes and prices, on our website:

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact your travel agent, or our reservations team in the UK will be happy to help via ask@intrepidtravel.com.

It sounds like your interests are a perfect match for Intrepid’s style of travel, so we look forward to welcoming you on one of our small group adventures soon.

Best wishes,
Sue, Intrepid Express Editor

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