Intrepid rolls out carbon free future

laos cyclingWe’re thrilled to announce that Intrepid Travel now has 500 carbon offset trips available in 2010!

The move comes on the back of Intrepid’s successful experiment this year with offering 38 carbon offset trips. Our reports show that there were no significant changes in booking patterns to these 38 trips in 2009, with the increased cost not discouraging travellers (on average less than 50 cents per day per traveller). These trips sold more or held steady against other small group adventures.

Intrepid has calculated the most significant carbon emission sources from all of our trips, including carbon emissions of the ground transport, accommodation and waste. Wherever possible, efforts have been taken to reduce carbon emissions, although Intrepid has always travelled in a carbon-efficient style. Any remaining carbon emissions will be offset with carbon credits from energy efficiency and clean energy projects in Thailand, India and China.

“With the focus shifting away from the credit crunch and back to the green crunch, we hope our actions inspire others in the travel industry to start addressing the critical issue of climate change,” said CEO and Co-founder, Darrell Wade.

“We find all the whinging from business and politicians about carbon reduction schemes quite extraordinary. Perhaps people should complain less, think more and then test some new products and strategies to see how they go. We’ve done just that and found that our Carbon Offset Trips were commercially successful – so much so that we are now offsetting all of our trips, except the few where we do not have pricing control.”

Our 2010 brochure prices include the cost of carbon emission offset s for each of the trips . The amount of carbon is displayed on our website.

In 2010 Intrepid Travel expects to carry over 75,000 clients on carbon offset trips with the average duration of 15 days, in over 100 destinations.

The decision to carbon offset all of the trips that we directly operate takes Intrepid one step closer to realising our goal of becoming carbon neutral in 2010.

* photo by Rosina Adair – Intrepid Photography Competition

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Hi Susan,
Thanks for your comment and I agree, a tree planting trip would be great and I’ve passed your idea on to our management team. Intrepid staff are involved in tree planting days to help offset the amount of paper we use in brochures and our offices, plus carbon offset projects that we support include tree planting, but to have a trip where travellers can be involved would be fun.
Thanks and best wishes,
Sue, Intrepid Express editor'

After reviewing your carbon offset tours and website, I didn’t see any trips involving planting trees. Since tress emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, they are the best way to offset carbon. Have you considered developing a planting- themed tour?

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