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plan peru flood relief“We are thrilled to announce that The Intrepid Foundation has hit a new high. We are giving away a record AU$442,903 for the 2009-10 financial year, representing funds donated by travellers and matched by Intrepid Travel, to 50 fantastic non-profit organisations or projects around the world.

This brings us to now having distributed over AU$2.2 million, since The Intrepid Foundation’s inception in 2002. A very big and sincere thank you to all who contributed this past year and enabled us to give so generously at a time when many communities and organisations needed it most. With all the Foundation’s administration overheads covered by Intrepid Travel, with the assistance of a dedicated team of volunteers, and with donations being doubled by Intrepid, you can be fully confident that your contribution has made a significant and meaningful difference.”

Jane Crouch, Intrepid’s Responsible Travel Manager, and Geoff Manchester, The Intrepid Foundation Chairperson.

Below is our full list of beneficiaries and more information can be found about many of these supported projects on

The Intrepid Foundation’s 10 Perpetual Fund partners all received a donation of AU$10,000:
Amnesty International – campaigning against human rights abuses.

Child Wise (ECPAT) – working for the prevention of child sex tourism and the trafficking of children.

Medecins Sans Frontieres – providing health care to refugees in Thailand.

Plan – increasing the respect and observance of legal rights of people living with or affected by HIV and AIDs in Uganda.

The Fred Hollows Foundation – eye care program in Cambodia.

TRAFFIC – preventing trade in endangered wildlife in Indochina.

Greenpeace – working with local communities of the Amazon to prevent rainforest destruction and achieve sustainable environmental practices.

World Society Protection of Animals (WSPA) – working with local animal protection agencies to promote animal welfare.

Tree Project – our partners for our tree planting days, putting indigenous trees back on the land.

Australian Conservation Foundation – Asia Pacific Program: achieving social and environmental justice in Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea.

The Perpetual Fund has also provided for 3 extra special projects this year:
Documentary Australia Foundation – phase one of the making of a film called I Am A Girl, highlighting the realities for girls in the 21st century and focussing on the stories of 10 girls around the world. AU $30,000

Plan – to build the Phulkaha Primary School in the (very poor) Supaul district of Bihar in India. This is to be in the memory of Intrepid’s dear friend, Allan Watt, who passed away in 2009. AU$42,167

WSPA – fund a research project around ‘An assessment of exploitation of wild animals in commercial enterprises in Thailand’, focussing on elephant, monkey and tiger venues, with view to supporting better practices. AU$7,800

We also held one major emergency appeal:
Plan – Peru Floods Appeal – raising AU$40,000 for relief work in the flood and mud slide impacted Machu Picchu, and Sacred Valley regions of Peru.

The Intrepid Foundation Community Projects Fund:
Animal Care in Egypt – improving the lives of the working animals of Egypt. AU$4,340

Handicapped Project Horizon – supporting the rehabilitation, health and social and economic empowerment of persons with disabilities. AU$2,300

Amani Children’s Home – providing a loving home, education and medical care for street children and orphans. AU$3,190

Village Education Project – providing improved primary and vocational education to Tanzanian children. AU$10,190

Kariandusi School Trust – advancing the education of children in the rural Rift Valley region. AU$1,300

New Hope Children’s Home – providing a home, care and education for disadvantaged children in the Limuru region. AU$1,770

South Africa:
Thusanani Children’s Foundation – working to prevent and treat developmental delay in orphaned and vulnerable South African children, aged 0-6, in children’s homes. (New in June ’10) AU$2,760

Living Heart – health and nutritional support for disadvantaged communities in the Sacred Valley area. AU$6,860

Sacred Valley Water Filters – working to improve the water quality for Chichubamba residents so there are fewer incidences of intestinal diseases and better overall health in this Sacred Valley community. AU$3,220

Escuela Winaypaq – provide free primary bilingual education and nutritional support to needy children (living in extreme poverty) from 5 villages around the Taray District of the Sacred Valley and helping rebuild the school after the floods in early 2010. AU$5,040

Charles Darwin Foundation – supporting the restoration of the habitat of Floreana Island in the Galapagos Islands. AU$1,600

Brazos Abiertos – improve the quality of life, health, and future of disadvantaged children in Mendoza by helping to provide basic necessities. (New in March ’10) AU$560

Deepalaya – providing care and education for working, street and run away children. AU$17,940

GOONJ – the recycling and distribution of clothing and household items for needy people, including in the recently flooded region of Ladakh. AU$4,910

KEEP – Kathmandu Environmental Education Project – working with Nepalese and tourists to protect the environment and culture of Nepal. Funds to the Porters’ Clothing Bank. AU$2,300

Kiau Community Project – volunteer English teaching project in the community of Kiau, near Mt Kinabalu. (Finished in Feb 2010) AU$33,978

Beijing Huiling – offering innovative services to youths and adults with learning disabilities and their families. AU$1,500

Xi’an Huiling – help people with learning disabilities enjoy every aspect of their lives with the same rights as others. AU$920

Spring Bud Plan – assisting girls who have dropped out of school, in poor areas of China, to return to school. AU$920

Braille Without Borders – rehabilitation and training for blind children in Tibet. AU$3,060

Lotus Children’s Home – meeting health, shelter and education needs of the homeless – particularly women and children. AU$3,300

Old Goreme Restoration Fund – protect, preserve and restore the Cappadocian cave architecture and the unique environment and cultural heritage of Goreme village and surrounds. AU$736

Mavi Kalem – helping needy women and children in poorer areas of Istanbul. We are supporting their supplementary Children’s Education Program. AU$23,611

Nochlezhka – working with the homeless on the streets of St Petersburg and supporting their Night Bus project. AU$1,500

Ptea Teuk Dong – working to improve the lives of street families, and abused girls in the Battambang region. AU$6,620

Starfish Foundation – giving person to person welfare assistance in the Sihanoukville area. AU$12,410

The Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity (ACCB) – based out of Siem Reap, focussing on wildlife conservation and environmental activities. AU$2,390

Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre – rehabilitating bears rescued from the illegal wildlife trade and providing conservation education. AU$23,600

Peun Mit – a program for street children, their families and their communities in the Lao capital, Vientiane. AU$3,130

UXO Lao – supporting land mine awareness education programs in rural communities. AU$2,910

COPE (Cooperative Orthotic Prosthetic Enterprise) – providing prosthetic, orthotic and rehabilitation services to people with disabilities, many who have been injured by exploding ordinance. AU$8,360

Baan Unrak Orphanage – caring for children and destitute women in the Sangklaburi area. AU$3,280

Friends of the Asian Elephant – caring for the welfare of elephants – many who have been injured through land mines or other forms of human-induced harm. AU$5,700

Blue Dragon Children’s Home – supporting vulnerable children in Northern and Central Vietnam. AU$9,910

Children’s Hope in Action (CHIA) – providing vital health and disability programs and educational services to vulnerable families. AU$4,670

Cuc Phuong Conservation Projects – this year supporting the Turtle Conservation Centre and their protection work for endangered turtle species. AU$2,150

The Intrepid Foundation – travellers making a difference
Help support many great organisations and grassroots projects via the Intrepid Foundation, plus find out how your donation can be matched* by Intrepid Travel!

* Donations will be matched by Intrepid Travel up to AU$5000 (or equivalent) per donor and a total of AU$400,000 each financial year.

Photo: © Plan Peru, Huacarpay

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