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Intrepid travellers you’ve done it again! With your generous support and matching donations from Intrepid, The Intrepid Foundation’s global support has, with our latest funding round, topped AU$3.4million! Hundreds of children are being educated, health is being restored, wildlife protected and many other wonderful outcomes achieved – all thanks to the generosity of the Intrepid Travel community.

This year’s funds distribution has AU$344,396 benefiting 51 fabulous not-for-profit organisations around the globe, many of which are visited during Intrepid tours. Young people with disabilities in Morocco will receive prosthetic limbs and physiotherapy, injured elephants in Thailand will be cared for at a dedicated hospital, highland children vulnerable to malnutrition in Peru will have breakfast served at school and the lives of mums and their newborn babies will be protected at a clinic in Indonesia.

More details of these success stories will be shared with you in coming posts, but here’s a snapshot of where the money is going:

– The Green Gecko Project – supporting disadvantaged children in the Siem Reap area. AU$27,684

– Ptea Teuk Dong – improving the lives of street families in the Battambang region. AU$24,263

– Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity (ACCB) – wildlife conservation and environmental education activities. AU$6,046

– COPE – providing prosthetic, orthotic and rehabilitation services to people with disabilities, many from landmines.  AU$11,470

– Friends of the Asian Elephant – caring for the welfare of wild and captive elephants. AU$6,956

– Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation – supporting vulnerable children in Northern and Central Vietnam. AU$5,535

– Children’s Hope in Action – providing vital health and disability programs in Central Vietnam.  AU$3,015

– Bumi Sehat – providing free maternal and infant health services to reduce maternal and child illness and mortality and improve the health of the community. AU$9,542

– Deepalaya – providing care and education for working, street and run away children. AU$10,695

– Asha Ka Jharna – providing special education and services to disabled children and adults in rural areas of Rajasthan.  AU$13,216

– Just-one Nepal – providing stability, support and vocational training for disadvantaged children. AU$8,510

– Xi’an Huiling – help people with learning disabilities enjoy every aspect of their lives with the same rights as others.  AU$13,940

– Braille Without Borders – rehabilitation and training for blind children, at facilities in Lhasa and Shigatse.  AU$4,148

– Animal Care in Egypt – improving the lives of the working animals in the Luxor area. AU$7,708

– Handicapped Project Horizon – supporting the rehabilitation, health and social and economic empowerment of persons with disabilities.  AU$6,580

– Amani Children’s Home – providing a loving home, education and medical care for street children and orphans. AU$39,493

– Village Education Project Kilimanjaro – providing improved primary and vocational education in Northern Tanzania. AU$8,771

learning to count at New Hope Childrens Home in Kenya

– New Hope Children’s Home – providing a home, care and education for disadvantaged children in the Limuru region. AU$3,280

– Mavi Kalem – helping needy women and children in poorer areas of Istanbul.   We are supporting their supplementary Children’s Education Program. AU$16,058

– Living Heart – health and nutritional support for disadvantaged communities in the Sacred Valley area. AU$9,849

– Roupa Souja Project – working to improve the lives of the families living in a disadvantaged favela in Rio. AU$2,946

– Nochlezhka – working with the homeless on the streets of St Petersburg and supporting their shelters and Night Bus project. AU$2,000

Czech Republic
– The Fund for Children in Need (Fond ohrožených dětí) – helping children in need with temporary shelters, foster homes, holiday camps and guidance. AU$2,000

– Bay Area Wilderness Training – creating opportunities for urban children to experience the wilderness. AU$3,266

For details of ALL funds distributed from The Intrepid Foundation for 2012-13, see our website.

Photos: Amani Children’s Home, Tanzania, and learning to count at New Hope Children’s Home, Kenya, by Melissa Biki.

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