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Aziza lives in Afghanistan. She is intelligent and loves going to school. As the middle girl in a family with 5 children, her day starts early. Before going to school she has to do domestic work, which includes fetching water, cleaning the floor, feeding the chickens and making the breakfast.

The Taliban killed Aziza’s father, so there is added financial pressure on the family. School is almost a respite, where she can learn and excel. Back home from school the chores begin again, but somehow she squeezes in 5 hours study per night so she can achieve her goal of being the best in class and perhaps, one day, the first female President of Afghanistan.

In the inspirational new Australian film, I AM A GIRL, we watch Aziza late at night, after she has completed all her chores, practicing her reading. Despite the exhaustion, she is determined to keep up with her classmates and achieve the future that she so desperately craves.

Filmmaker Rebecca Barry writes: “The cold hard reality is that if you are born a girl in this world today, in every measurable way you will be at a disadvantage. Today we live in a world that openly discriminates against girls. On this basis alone, the most incomprehensible violence, health issues and abuse transpires”

I AM A GIRL is a documentary that weaves a universal story through the voices of girls in various locations around the world, dealing with different challenges. Whether it is a story of abuse, neglect, optimism or hope, each story follows the daily toil from sunrise to sunset. In our film you will meet and hear stories from girls with so much potential from countries around the world, Cambodia, Afghanistan, USA, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Cameroon.”

Intrepid Travel is very proud to support the making of this film and you can read our earlier blog post to find out why we decided it was important to get behind this documentary.

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