how to survive the post-holiday blues

women of peruHow do you cope with the daily grind at home after trekking the Inca Trail, learning to Tango in Argentina and bike riding in Bolivia? Emily Mitterhuemer was faced with that very dilemma after her Intrepid holiday in South America, so she’s come up with a few survival tips for returning from a holiday…

“Coming home from the trip of a lifetime is always hard. After the initial excitement of hugging the cat and the dog and all the family members that you actually like, many travelers find themselves in post holiday depression. It’s that feeling of disappointment when you wake up in the morning and look up at the ceiling and realise that it doesn’t belong to a hostel in an exotic location.

I have a few tips for sufferers of the post holiday comedown. I really think one of the best ways to combat this affliction is to make sure you leave yourself at least a few days on the end of your holiday before you go back to work. Use this time to head down to the beach and bake in the sun or, if it is winter, head somewhere cosy and curl up by a fire with friends if you can. Take the time to realise you are back home and remember all the things you love so much about it. Go to your favourite coffee shop or peak inside your favourite stores, even if you don’t have enough money to buy anything! Taste the foods that you have missed when you were away and relish the feeling of familiarity.

I have found that organising photos is also quite therapeutic. Upload them all onto your computer and do a good cull. I usually print off maybe five or six of my favourites so they can take pride of place on the wall. And I am sure you all know that Facebook is a great way to make everyone supremely jealous of your great adventure!

When my partner and I arrived back from South America, we still had the sounds of the Tango ringing in our ears. We thought that one of the best ways to bring a piece of our adventure home would be to find a Tango class. Finding a way to recreate some of the new things you discovered afar, back in the comfort of your home town, is a great way to make sure the memory of your adventure doesn’t fade. So whether it be Capoeira, traditional Austrian dancing or playing the mandolin, you can bring a little piece of your adventure home.

And then, if all else fails, head to the Intrepid website and start planning your next holiday of a lifetime!”

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* photo by Emily Mitterhuemer

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