home-cooked hospitality in egypt

baking bread in egyptNothing beats a home-cooked meal, but especially when that feast is accompanied by music, dance and new friendships in a Nubian family home. Intrepid’s Sameh Tawfik knows what’s on the menu, so he can’t wait to get his group to dinner for this special night in Egypt

“Plodding along on our camels, it seems like an eternity to reach the small Nubian village, nestled between the sand dunes. As we walk through the streets towards the house we have been invited to for dinner, I try not to hurry but my stomach is urging me forward. We are welcomed inside and my group is invited to see where our hosts are cooking our meal. I try not to be impatient as I wait for the food to be served.

We gather around in a circle on the floor as the family brings out plate, after plate, after plate – each smelling more delicious than the previous. I see the huge dish of chicken being placed at the far side of the circle and my mouth waters at the fragrance that I can smell from here. Then a plate of freshly caught and cooked Nile Perch is placed directly before me. I think our hosts know this is my favourite. I put the first bite of fish in my mouth. I hold it there for a moment, closing my eyes to ensure I can appreciate the full flavour of succulent seafood.

I notice that our group has stopped talking as everyone concentrates on eating. The only discussion I hear is recommendations to try different dishes and debates about which dish is more delicious.

We leave at the end of the night having very full bellies and grins as wide as the Nile River. As we cross back to the East Bank, everyone is talking about how that home cooked meal in Egypt is going to be hard to beat!”

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* photo by Andrew Neilan – Intrepid Photography Competition

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Home cooked meals are with love and affection of the hosts; mostly mothers who for her children have this ingredient which cannot be matched by the best chef of the world or be at they prefer their home cooked meal at home themselves.

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