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animal care egypt donkeysThe Intrepid Foundation has long supported the Animal Care in Egypt hospital on the outskirts of Luxor. Here they work hard to improve the lives of the working animals in Egypt and as Sue from ACE reports, recently spirits were high with the happy tale of Harry…

“Harry Habibi was left outside the ACE hospital, whilst two separate owners argued about who this baby donkey belonged to!  With an uncertain future ahead for this little fellow, we admitted him to the hospital until the dispute was resolved.  Neither party returned to collect Harry.

We managed to get Harry drinking milk from a bowl and he soon became quite a mischievous character – he would follow everyone around and generally had his nose in everywhere!  It didn’t take long for ‘Harry-mania’ to begin and people were closely watching our blog and also emailing for updates on the infamous Harry Habibi!

A few weeks after Harry first arrived, a donkey was brought in which was having difficulty giving birth.  In the end a caesarean section was needed, to remove the stillborn baby donkey.  The surgery went well, but we now had a mother with no foal, and a Harry with no mother.  The mum seemed keen to be paired with Harry, however he was reluctant to leave his human ways.  Luckily after a few days Harry and mum bonded with obvious affection.

Despite some complications following the surgery, mother pulled through beautifully and now is as healthy as can be – with Harry dotingly following at her side. The mother had been well cared for by her owners, so it was decided by ACE to let the delighted owner take Harry home.  Despite a minor setback and having to return to the hospital for a few days, they are now both doing really well.  A happy ending for this new happy family!”

Please visit our Intrepid Foundation website to find out how you can support Animal Care in Egypt and many other fantastic grass-roots organisations.

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That’s a lovely story and I’m so glad to hear that Intrepid is a supporter of ACE.


Very nice and interesting story.
I am happy for Harry and the donkey mama, and I am also happy to know their owner treats them well, which is rare here in Egypt.
Thank you for sharing this nice adventure 🙂


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