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maori dance new zealandIf you’ve even seen the New Zealand All Blacks play rugby, then you will know the haka. Many may argue that this passionate tribal dance that’s performed at the start of each match is as exciting as the game itself. It’s become a Maori trademark and Intrepid’s Mac Brown loves sharing his culture with the world…

“The importance of the haka in our national psyche is difficult to explain. It is more than a war dance and a challenge. In many ways it reflects who I am and where I have come from. For me, doing the haka is the physical manifestation of my national pride and heritage.

No matter where you are, performing the haka will draw a crowd of on-lookers. It is now so well-recognised, that people identify it no matter where it is performed. In my travels, I have done the haka a number of times and with a wide range of audiences. From a cultural concert in Japan, to a group of Masai warriors in Kenya. I led the haka under the Eiffel Tower on Millennium New Year’s Eve while the fireworks went off, and at Hogmanay in Edinburgh as the drinks were poured. It doesn’t matter where or when, the response is always the same. It draws people in and brings them together in a celebration of New Zealand culture.”

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* photo by Fiona Egglestone – Intrepid Photography Competition

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