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Galapagos sealsIf there was an award for being on the most Seven Wonders lists, then Galapagos Islands could get that gong! Natural travel wonders, underwater world and a New Seven Wonders of Nature finalist, Intrepid’s Daniela Palacios gives this amazing archipelago her seal of approval…

“Having recently spent time in the Galapagos Islands, I must say that I was fascinated by pretty much all the wildlife there, but one of my favourite things was to watch the sea lions in action.

First of all, in the Galapagos you find fantastic beaches where the sea lions relax after the excitement of fishing. A white sand beach in Espanola Island, called Gardner Bay, is a great place to see a sea lion colony. The dominant males are around with their harems and you can always see lovely sea lion pups.

While we were observing them one afternoon, we saw that a young sea lion was trying to find a comfortable place to nap, but he just couldn’t settle. He changed position over and over again and he kept moving until he saw us, then decided to come nearer. He kept approaching until he was only a few feet away from our now-silent group, then he suddenly spotted what he wanted. He put his head on top of somebody’s backpack and finally got some sleep! It was really cute and we couldn’t possibly disturb him now, so we enjoyed his company for a long while.

But my love affair with cheeky seals continued. Later that day we decided to go snorkeling and while we were watching sea stars, awesome fish and more… we saw another sea lion playing with a marine iguana. Actually the poor marine iguana did not seem to be enjoying the game quite as much, because every now and again the playful sea lion was grabbing it by the tail and pulling the iguana to the bottom of the sea. The shenanigans were definitely amusing to watch and I even laughed under the water. What a great Galapagos memory!”

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* photo by Jenny Carter – Intrepid Photography Competition

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