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ghana kidsWhen a young man from Ghana announced his goal to ski in the Olympics, you could imagine the responses. But he’s done it! Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong has just qualified and will be Ghana’s one-man ski team in Vancouver next year. A great good news story to come out of Ghana, and here’s another from Intrepid’s Erin Farmer..

“It’s 6 am and I’m sitting on the veranda watching the mist roll through the mango orchard and listening to the echoes of the school choir practising their hymns. As I sip my coffee and coax my eyes to open fully, I think of the day ahead.

We’re building accommodation for teachers in Lecklebe Duga, a small village in the Volta region of Ghana. The twelve of us in my group have no building experience at all, yet yesterday we laid a floor and mixed mortar with shovels and today we are building walls with the bricks we made earlier in the week. By working alongside volunteers from the village, we have learnt some great building tips.

This afternoon our group leader has arranged for the village drummers to come by to give us a lesson in real African drumming. Tomorrow I’m teaching my second lesson to a high school class about money management. It’s equally nerve-wracking and rewarding to teach in front of sixty pupils, who range from fourteen to twenty-five years. Whenever I walk through the village, now I get a chorus of “Sister Irene, when will you come back to teach our class?” I really feel part of this community who have instantly made us feel so welcome. I finish my coffee just as the others are waking for breakfast. We have a long but very satisfying day ahead of us.”

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