Ghana in living colour

Ghana in living colour by Suyin Lim

“Akwaaba!” (welcome) is what we heard most in Ghana, exemplifying the warmth and hospitality of the Ghanaian people.

My partner and I spent six months living, working and travelling in this remarkable country last year. Here is a snapshot of our amazing experience through the lens. Enjoy!

Open and warm people…

Local kids in Kumasi, Ghana

These kids welcomed us on our first week in Kumasi, good-naturedly yelling out ‘obruni!’ (foreigner) while giggling and skipping down the street.

Playing pool in Kumasi, Ghana

Our pool-mad neighbours in Kumasi.

Football game in Kumasi, Ghana

Asante Kotoko vs. Hearts of Oak – the two biggest football teams in Ghana play each other to a packed stadium in Kumasi. I can still hear the vuvuzelas ringing!

Mognori village Ghana

Our host displays a handwoven mat in Mognori, an eco-village that offers travellers a glimpse into village life in Ghana’s Northern Region.

Mognori village Ghana

This little girl walked along with us through Mognori, and was more than happy to pose for pictures.

So many landscapes to discover…

Kakum National Park Ghana

Walking on a narrow bridge 40 metres above the tree tops in Kakum National Park was slightly scary but also exhilarating!

Kokrobite fishing village Ghana

The laidback fishing village of Kokrobite is popular with locals and tourists – it’s close to Accra but feels a million miles away.

storm on Kokrobite beach Ghana

As the crowds dispersed we watched the storm approach at Kokrobite Beach.

Mole National Park Ghana

We watched these beautiful creatures drink from a waterhole less than 50 metres away! We also saw antelopes, monkeys and cheeky baboons on a walking safari in Mole National Park.

Nzulezu village Ghana

After canoeing through a series of canals on the Amansuri Lake we reached Nzulezu, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed village made entirely of stilts and platforms.

Cultural riches…

Making fufu in Ghana

You haven’t experienced Ghana until you’ve tried fufu – a doughy dumpling of cassava and plantain placed in a soup. The sound of people pounding fufu can be heard any time, anywhere!

food in Ghana

Another staple dish of Ghana is ‘red-red’, a tasty stew of tomatoes, beans, chilli and fried ripe plantain.

Larabanga mosque Ghana

This incredible mosque in Larabanga was built around 1420 and is still in use today. Based on a Sudanese architectural style, it has been referred to as the ‘Mecca of West Africa’.

Kumasi Urban Adventure in Ghana

Music is heard almost everywhere in Ghana. On an eye-opening Urban Adventure, we saw this group perform as part of a spiritual ritual (voodoo) in Kumasi.

Arts Centre in Accra Ghana

We enjoyed a colourful xylophone session at the Arts Centre in Accra.

Traditional crafts…

local fabric in Ghana

Ghanaians love their vibrant, bold patterns. Fabric is sold by the yard and there isn’t an occasion too casual or too formal where bright colours can’t be worn.

wooden masks in Ghana

These traditional wood carvings are from Wli, Volta Region. Drums, sculptures, masks and the famous Ashanti stool are made by talented wood carvers who work tirelessly with simple tools.

Tamale tannery in Ghana

Various types of leather goods are created at the tannery in Tamale. The process was demonstrated to us by this friendly worker.

Ghana slippers

One of the finished products – traditional Ghanaian slippers.

beautiful beads of Ghana

Beads have a long history in Ghana (they were once used as a currency) and are still worn by both men and women.

Colourful markets…

Kejetia market in Kumasi Ghana

The Kejetia market in Kumasi is the largest open- air market in West Africa. It’s as loud, colourful and bustling as you can imagine, and sells everything from the freshest tomatoes to handmade shoes.

Kumasi Urban Adventure in Ghana

We got to meet lots of stallholders during our Urban Adventure in some of Kumasi’s markets – this is our new friend at her stall in the Kejetia market.

Kejetia market Ghana

A woman makes and sells traditional ‘Toma’ beads in the Kejetia market.

yams at market in Ghana

Yam, yam and more yam.

Tamale market in Ghana

We had a fun time exploring this vivacious market in Tamale – there was so much to see!

Ghana is a stunning country and has it all – beaches, waterfalls, national parks, markets, nightlife and a rich culture and history. Check out Intrepid’s trips in Ghana and our extensive range of Urban Adventures, including Kumasi Africa Market Tour and Kumasi Voodoo Experience!

All images © Suyin Lim

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Suyin Lim - Now a graphic designer with Intrepid Travel, Suyin caught the photography (and travel!) bug while studying in the photogenic city of Prato, Italy. She currently spends her days working with beautiful images from around the world, which is both wonderful and a headache as the list of places she wants to photograph increases daily!

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