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living hearts peruThanks to the support of travellers and the Intrepid community, the Intrepid Foundation is able to assist many community projects around the world. In South America we are proud to support four great projects that focus on the health and welfare of the people and also help protect the environment.

Living Heart is centred around five communities in the Sacred Valley, near Cuzco. It hopes to improve the quality of life for the Andean people and particularly address basic issues such as health and nutrition for the women and disadvantaged children. Also in the Sacred Valley, in the small district of Taray, the school of Escuela Winaypaq has been established to provide an education for children who would otherwise not have access to any formal learning.

Sadly in the Sacred Valley it’s basic necessities that many people need most, especially in light of the recent heavy rains and mudslides. The quality of drinking water is poor, with higher than permissible levels of coliforms and bacteria being recorded in 77% of communities. To address this problem we’ve partnered with ProPeru Service Corps, who are running a project to provide water filters and emphasize the importance of clean drinking water for good health.

You are probably aware of the great efforts of the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) over the past 50 years, but now they have the challenge of restoring the habitat on Floreana, the first inhabited island in Galapagos. The CDF, along with these other three charities are greatly in need of your financial assistance. Any support you can offer by making an online donation will be hugely appreciated and remember, your money will be matched by Intrepid Travel up to AU$5000 per donor and a total of AU$300,000 each financial year!

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