fortune hunting in hue

vietnam fortune tellerExtraordinary travel experiences in Vietnam don’t cost a fortune, but as one-time Intrepid leader Trish Shaw discovered, getting to know the people is worth its weight in gold…

“If a picture can tell a thousand words, then this is a face that can tell many thousands of stories, and fortunes. Hidden away in a small farming community, just outside of the former imperial capital of Hue in central Vietnam, lives a lady who was once a laundry worker for the American soldiers stationed in the area during the war.

This woman with the wise eyes has seen and met a lot of new faces, and studied their palms. For the meagre fee of 10,000 dong (less than US 60 cents) she will read your future, in English of course, entertaining for even the strongest disbelievers. She will also tell you stories of the war years and the generosity of the soldiers, who left extra money for her to ‘find’ in the pockets of their uniforms to be washed.

A chance encounter will leave you with another unforgettable experience in this wonderful country. I am yet to prove how accurate she is at fortune telling, but I should know soon. I am destined to meet someone special who could turn out to be husband number one, but apparently my palm says there will be two of them!”

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* photo by Trish Shaw

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