Does a Thailand holiday live up to family expectations?

Family Adventure in Thailand

Since the birth of our little one five years ago, our adventurous travels have been restricted to camping trips at one end of the scale and to all-inclusive family holiday resorts in the Algarve at the other. But with our youngest reaching the trip minimum age of 5, we decided to book Intrepid’s Thailand Family Holiday – Land of Smiles.

I began reading the trip notes that I downloaded and my excitement was building around seeing the elephant sanctuary, hill top temples and exploring the khlongs of Bangkok. But there was also some nagging concerns about travelling on holiday as a family.

I couldn’t help wondering:
1. What would the hotels be like?
2. Did they really all have pools?
3. Would all the kids (three of them) be sleeping in the same room as us?

While the trip notes say there are pools and the hotels are family-friendly, my wife and I were still anxious about what to expect on our holiday.

So what did we get and did it surpass the all-inclusive resort experience?

1. Hotels

From a great centrally located hotel in Bangkok (with a pool), to charming well-appointed bungalows in Kanchanaburi (foot massages by the pool) and our Hua Hin resort with beach bar and pizzeria (a Thai family holiday complex with games in the pool), all our accommodation got the family tick of approval!

Top Holiday Tip: Remember to bring enough of the right adaptors for mobiles, iPods etc. or even bring a power board. Thai sockets take 2 flat straight pins and electricity is 220 volts at 50hz.

2. Pools

YES! If Intrepid Travel say all hotels will have pools, then guess what… they’ll all have pools. Our family spent half the trip learning about Buddhism in the many temples, wandering the street markets, jumping in and out of tuk-tuks… and the other half relaxing and playing by pool after pool. The perfectly balanced family holiday.

Top Holiday Tip: All hotels provide pool towels but make sure you pack your goggles and pool toys.

3. Rooming

As a family of five we ended up with conjoining rooms (properly linked) in all but the one hotel, where we had charming bungalows next to each other. We couldn’t have asked for better or more sensitive handling of our needs. Parents in one room and kids in the other. But with the peace of mind that everyone is safe and within earshot.

Top Holiday Tip: Purchase water and soft drinks from the supermarket to stock the mini bar. It will save you at least 50% of the cost and Thailand is hot in the summer – you need to keep your fluids up.

How did it shape up to your average resort holiday?

The choice of accommodation and pools mean that you’re not compromising or worried about comfort levels. The pace is perfect with a few nights in each location, but not enough time to become a bit stale. So all in all you’ll feel like you’ve had an adventure, but also the chance for the best of resort relaxation and revitalisation.

Expectations exceeded. Well done Intrepid.

Have you travelled on a family holiday adventure? Share your holiday experiences and add your own comments below…

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Ben Roseveare - Ben is UK and Europe Marketing Director for the Intrepid Group. His passion for adventure travel has led him all over the world, from the icebergs of Antarctica to the wilds of Africa. His other passion is putting customer service at the centre of everything we do!

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Thailand is a great place to travel. Havent been there yet but looking forward one day.'

Hi there,
I am in total agreement about the treatment of the elephants. Do you have a tour that goes into the wild to view them? I would be interested in this as I have 3-6 friends who are animal lovers and we will be in Thailand from Nov 22 to the 30th. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
Colleen Wood

Hi Colleen,

We have plenty of trips departing in November in Thailand. Drop a note with an outline of what you’d like to see and do to, and our team will be glad to help you out.


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