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Boys on donkeys in Egypt

Egypt’s exotic charms and its extraordinary ancient wonders have enchanted intrepid adventurers for centuries.

Though of course we know Egypt’s recent political history has been troubled, the news of late is not all bad, with very favourable feedback coming in from recent Intrepid travellers and our local staff.

Egypt’s people are very welcoming hosts and, considering the upheavals, are right now extra enthusiastic to see visitors come and enjoy their hospitality. The popular sites are relatively quiet and can be wandered through at a leisurely pace. And most importantly, with application of all the usual common sense travel precautions, Intrepid travellers are feeling safe.

The downturn in tourism has severely impacted people’s livelihoods, with all manner of businesses feeling the flow-on effects. So by travelling now, all the accommodation, transport and guiding services that you patronise will benefit from your visit. But beyond that, even the when the most modest consumers purchase meals, drinks and souvenirs, this has positive outcomes for the broader local communities.

Difficult times also impact the health and welfare of animals. Intrepid has been pleased to bring support to Animal Care in Egypt (ACE) for many years. ACE was formally established in 2000 to help the working animals of Luxor, and looking after donkeys and horses is still the majority of their work. They also bring support to other animals needing help: cats, dogs, tortoises, camels, and even wild animals.

With support from The Intrepid Foundation, ACE have recently produced a fabulous video clip about their work, and how the current situation in Egypt is affecting animals. See the ACE Video here.

A visit to ACE is possible on all Intrepid trips to Luxor and we encourage your support through The Intrepid Foundation. Helping the animal patients at ACE not only helps the animals, but their owners and their families.

So for a very special experience of the fabulous land of the pharaohs, why not make this year your year to visit Egypt. Your presence will be very warmly welcomed and you will be helping put food on the tables for a broad spectrum of the community, including our animal friends.

Here you will find more information on Intrepid’s Egypt trips.

Donate to ACE via The Intrepid Foundation and you’ll directly support their terrific work for the local animals. Intrepid Travel will match your donation dollar for dollar – doubling your efforts. (Up to AU$5,000 per donor and a total of AU$400,000 for all donors in each financial year.)

Please note: Intrepid traveller’s health and safety is paramount. We do advise travellers to note their Government’s current advisories for Egypt, which include to avoid all demonstrations, protests and large crowds. Intrepid’s team on the ground in Egypt keep regular contact with appropriate authorities and news services and will amend itineraries should this be required.

Photo in Egypt by Ian Jones.

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