Getting a taste of Chile festivals on holiday

Festival lunch in Chile

One of the best holiday thrills is to arrive somewhere new and discover that a festival in full swing.

Not only is this a chance to join in all the fun, but as Sean Kennaway discovered on his Intrepid Patagonia trip, it also gives you an ideal opportunity to sample some mouthwatering food…

“I was lucky enough to be in Chile on 18 September during Fiestas Patrias, the country’s most important national day. This is a time when the whole country erupts in celebrations to remember the beginning of their independence process in 1810.

We were staying in Pucon and German, the hostel owner, was kind enough to put on a traditional Fiestas Patrias lunch for us. This feast consisted of huge empanadas (pastries filled with minced beef, onions and vegetables), meat skewers served straight off the barbeque and all washed down with a healthy dose of red wine. What a way to celebrate!

During Fiestas Patrias government buildings must fly the Chilean flag, but it seemed like everyone had decided they’d join in, and the country was awash with flags. In fact, most taxi drivers thought it was necessary to fly at least two flags from their taxis!

After watching parades of local social groups march through the main street of Pucon, we headed back to the hostel for our late lunch.

We were very lucky to have a glorious afternoon at Donde German Hostel. We watched the sun set while sharing our Fiestas Patrias feast with German and his wife, Maria Helena, with the snow capped Villarica Volcano as a our stunning backdrop!”

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Photo: Sean Kennaway

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