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i am intrepid judge charley boormanCharley Boorman is an obsessed travel adventurer who is known around the world for undertaking epic, continent-spanning journeys. With his friend, Ewan McGregor, he has travelled overland by motorbike from London to New York, via Europe and Asia for the award-winning series Long Way Round and from John O’Groats in Scotland to Cape Town for Long Way Down.

He has taken part in the Dakar Rally, one of the most demanding and dangerous motor races in the world, and travelled solo from Ireland to Australia using whatever mode of transport he could find for By Any Means. He travelled from Sydney to Tokyo for By Any Means 2.

Openly dyslexic and having had testicular cancer last year, Charley has used his public profile to raise awareness of these issues as president of Dyslexia Action and as an ambassador for Movember. He is also an ambassador for Unicef and supports Help for Heroes and other charities.

Charley has a true adventurer’s spirit and sinks his teeth into any challenge that comes his way. Whether dealing with machete-wielding Papua New Guineans, the desolation of the Road of Bones or broken hands during the Dakar Rally, Charley never gives up and never gives in, even in the most gruelling of situations. Charley’s philosophy is, “never turn back, just find another way of carrying on” and his positive outlook on adventure has seen him tackle impressive challenges.

We asked Charley Boorman what are his top tips for intrepid travellers…

Be curious about the world
“I learnt from an early age that travelling is the spice of life. Being lucky enough to travel around the world with my father on location sparked a curiosity that has never left me. It’s great to challenge yourself and learn about new cultures all around the world, which helps you to grow as a person.”

Have an open mind
“The more you travel, the more you realise just how important open-mindedness is. Having an open mind allows you to enjoy travelling all the more and when you get back, you are far more relaxed about home and life.”

Welcome challenges
“Whenever we start a trip, the big challenge is the organisation including visas and documents. An ex-SAS solider once said to me “Survive preparation and the goal is easy”, the journey is the goal and it is all the sweeter when you have overcome challenges to get there!”

Take things in your stride
“The hardest thing can be taking things in your stride. It comes with age and experience, but I’m still trying!”

Remain positive
“You have to remain positive when travelling – strange circumstances, problems and challenges crop up along the way but the only way to get through them is to remember your end goal. It’s so important to keep positive and keep going. You should never turn back!”

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