Celebrating a special Mandela Day

Intrepid mural by by J Letebele for Mandela Day 2013This year, following the legacy of Nelson Mandela, or Madiba as we call him, our Intrepid South Africa team celebrated Mandela day by helping out in our local community, trying to do something that actually makes a difference.

Benjamin Disraeli wrote “The youth of a nation are the trustees of prosperity.”

The youth of a nation is indeed its most valuable treasure, yet often is neglected and pushed aside as an inconvenience, a stumble block to foolish men that are blind to the impact of their own indiscretions.

Youth is a valuable time of your life and shapes much of what your own future holds as well as the impact you will have on the world around you.

For someone with a happy and safe childhood, the future is rosy. For those who live in fear and do not know play, life is not all that cosy.

What better way to ensure our prosperous future, than to safeguard the childhood of our children of today? Children need to be children, they need to run and play and not be troubled by problems beyond their years.

Intrepid working for Mandela Day 2013

To implement change, something positive and that will last, Intrepid Bundu and our PEAK Southern Africa teamed up with our local partner in Soweto (short for South Western Township) on the outskirts of Johannesburg to uplift the community by ensuring their children have a clean, safe environment to spend their leisure time and be exactly what they were meant to be… free.

Across from Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers, our Cycle Soweto partner, is an open field that was previously filled with rubbish and decay, yet now this area has been cleaned up and converted into a playground by the backpackers who are also wanting to implement change. We furthered this by helping to improve the playground, adding another Jungle gym for the children and ensuring that this area is both clean and safe for them to play in.

Intrepid working for Mandela Day 2013

Mandela Day requests that each person spend 67 minutes on something that benefits others less fortunate, yet we knew we could do so much more and so we did… we spent the whole day not only improving this playground but playing with the children and showing there is no prejudice, no judgement or hate, no difference between any race, but only one single-minded outlook of being South African, Ubuntu – the spirit of togetherness, as not only spoken but lived by Tata Nelson Mandela.

In peace and unity we can build our future and seeing the smiles of these children whilst lifting them in the air, running, dancing, laughing and playing with them showed us a glimpse of what a great future lies ahead for us, for them and for this beautiful country South Africa that we call home!

* The mural was painted by local artist J. Letebele, with ‘Intrepid’ being lost in translation 😉

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