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buenos aires argentinaYou’ll be amazed what you can achieve in a day in Buenos Aires. Intrepid’s Cassie Harrex clocks in for a fantastic 24-hour city experience…

“8am – Cafe Tortoni: Start your day at the country’s oldest and one of the city’s most beautiful cafes. Grab a copy of the daily Buenos Aires Herald and linger over breakfast.

9am – San Telmo Market: Call by this antique market in Plaza Dorego. Shop for some jewellery, barter over trinkets, admire a tango street show or find a cafe to people watch.

1pm – Recoleta Cemetery: Pay your respects to Argentina’s wealthiest citizens, and make sure you spy the tomb of Evita Peron. Enjoy lunch at one of Recoleta’s fine restaurants and before bidding goodbye to Recoleta, grab an afternoon coffee at La Biela, one of the city’s most exclusive cafes.

4pm – Palermo: Head to this fascinating neighbourhood to while away an hour or so in Parque Tres de Febrero or sip a cold Quilmes beer in one of Plaza Serano’s lively cafes. Wander through the hip boutiques and quirky shops dotted throughout the shady streets.

6pm – Shopping: Jump on the subte, Buneos Aires’s subway, bound for Calle Florida. Admire the colourfully tiled walls, the rickety wooden carriages and warm lamp-lit interiors of the southern hemisphere’s oldest subway. Wander along sprawling Calle Florida, where there’s enough to keep any shopaholic occupied for hours.

7.30pm – Tango: Catch a tango performance in San Telmo, home to Buenos Aires’s tango culture. This atmospheric suburb still houses a wealth of traditional milongas, tango dance halls.

10.30pm – Steak Dinner: Stop by a parilla, an Argentine steak house, for a succulent steak. Be sure to wash it all down with a glass of Malbec red wine.

12 midnight – Cocktails: No self-respecting Argentine would dare go to a club before 2am, so stop by one of the city’s many bars for ‘early evening’ cocktails.

2am – Dancing: Hit one of Palermo’s hip bars to dance until the sun rises.”

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* photo by Janelle Everson – Intrepid Photography Competition

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