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Fancy yourself as wheeler-dealer, whiz kid or mover and shaker? Well, one of our Intrepid team certainly is! Nathan Chan works in our IT department and has recently launched his own magazine on the Apple Newsstand called FOUNDR. It’s a monthly magazine that looks at entrepreneurship, with lots of “how to” advice for start-ups and early stage businesses, so we sat down with Nathan to find out where his inspiration comes from…

“Having worked at Intrepid for a couple of years, much of the entrepreneurial spirit of the business had rubbed off on me. Darrell and Manch’s story about building the business from the ground up was very much a part of the fabric of the company, and it inspired me to start pulling together my own business plan. Having always been passionate about creating and reaching goals, I set out to find out exactly what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

I contacted everyone I could think of that had in some way been an inspiration to me, in either business or just in their lives in general. If they were interested in sharing their story and advice with me, I would then record an interview over Skype, or conduct a series of email interviews to pick their brains. What emerged from all of this was a goldmine of brilliant and original insights. I knew that if it was helpful to me as a young entrepreneur, then it would also be helpful to other young people in a similar position to me. So that’s when I created FOUNDR – an digital magazine/app specifically for young entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

I compiled every piece of information that I gathered, and started pulling it together in a succinct and readable format. My technical experience in IT has allowed me to build the magazine well enough so that other businesses have since approached me and asked me to do the same for them. And my dedication to pursuing my entrepreneurial goals has kept me on track with the development of FOUNDR, enough so that it is now reaching a huge readership, and I am able to continue to drive its growth and move closer to my goals.”

Just for the record, this magazine has nothing to do with Intrepid, this is just a completely unbiased, unrequested and unreserved plug!

“As a co-founder of Intrepid, I always get a thrill when I see people having a go at creating their own businesses.Nathan puts the magazine together in his own time with a host of volunteers and other part time contributors – it’s a fantastic start-up effort in its own right, apart from being an excellent read.” Darrell Wade

Nathan Chan from Intrepid Travel editor of foundr

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