balkan adventure’s best – bars and restaurants

dubrovnikTrying to decide the best real life experiences on Intrepid’s Balkan Adventure was a challenge for Intrepid traveller Deborah Netolicky. So to start with here are her top five places to eat and drink…

1. The Buza Bars, Dubrovnik.
Finding the secret little alleys through the old town walls to these rocky sea-side bars is half the fun!

2. Ulica Laze Teleckog, Novi Sad.
Pick any of the very cool, very busy, hilariously-themed bars on this street for drinks any night of the week. 1940s Cuba, Ye Olde England, bookstore chic, pirate arrrgh, Mexican sombrero cool – you name it, it’s there!

3. City Pub, Sarajevo.
Absolutely thumping!

4. To Be (Or Not) To Be, Sarajevo.
This place feels like being at someone’s home. You sit at communal wooden benches as the chef pulls veggies from bowls and strings hung up around his kitchen and chops and cooks them in front of diners in his little kitchen. During the siege, the owners crossed out ‘Or Not’ from their sign to remind Sarajevans that not surviving was not an option.

5. ?, Belgrade.
In 1878 this restaurant was called Kod pastira (‘At Shepherd’s’), then, in 1892 Kod Saborne Crkve (‘At the Cathedral Church’), but this was soon removed, because it neither complied with regulations on restaurants, nor did the Church authorities find it suitable. As a temporary solution, the owner put up just a question mark, which has remained until today. I recommend the muckalica (a tasty Serbian ragout-style dish with vegetables and pork or veal pieces).

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Neither Hungary nor its capital Budapest is part of the Balkans. And neither of the 5 restaurants you listed as ‘Budapest’s best’ are in Budapest as the title would sugest.

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