boogie from bangkok to chiang mai

thailand train partySome will say they dread overnight trains throughout Asia, but have you considered that they are environmentally, economically and socially beneficial? Intrepid’s Nicki Gibson explains why travelling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai can be so much fun…

“Trains are cheaper than flying and you don’t lose a valuable day traveling – as you pass your journey through the night, comfortably sleeping after socialising in the disco carriage. Yes, there is a disco carriage – well of sorts. It’s a buffet carriage and there is a party ready to happen if you want to add the ingredients!

In the ‘disco carriage’ you can take a seat with the locals, ask the stewards to play some Thai or Western tracks and get the fairy lights flashing. If you’re lucky the stewards may also be in possession of a 70’s retro disco ball… and the final ingredient for the party mix is some San Song whisky. A few classic hits and whiskies later, you’ll be strutting your funky stuff and shimmering your way up and down the aisle with the Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaires of the train stewards. Then it’s back to your carriage by 10.30pm, to sleep soundly; waking as you draw into the charming city of Chiang Mai, ready to enjoy a full day of activities and exploring.

Many of my Intrepid groups fondly remember their 13-hour overnight train journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, because while others got an early night, they were enjoying a unique experience!”

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