Why Antarctica is another world


Hot off the press are Intrepid’s new Polar brochures, packed full of more Antarctica and Arctic adventures than ever before. To research these fantastic trips, we sent our own Wendy Smith into the frozen wonderland of the great white continent…

“I had my first Polar experience in January when I joined the Sea Spirit for an 11-day Antarctic Explorer voyage and it blew my mind! I find myself struggling for words that adequately describe how beautiful it really is. The views from the deck of the ship were ethereal, otherworldly and like nothing I’ve seen on this earth.

I discovered a passion for ice that surprised me. Icebergs come in the most amazing shapes, sizes and colours and it is like some cosmic artist has indulged all his wildest fantasies in creating these crazy sculptures in ice. I grew to love the rifle shot sound of ice cracking followed by the rumble of the ensuing avalanche, or the splash of great chunks hitting the water.

A lot of people visit Antarctica for the animal experiences and in late January, animals abound. Penguin chicks are losing their baby down and gaining their independence. Penguin colonies become noisy, busy places full of mature chicks, now the same size as their parents, chasing Mum or Dad around, demanding to be fed or squabbling with other chicks in neighbouring nests. It’s better than any soap opera.

It’s also a great time to see whales. Sightings of humpbacks (often with new offspring in tow) became a regular occurrence and the day that a humpback whale and her calf swam just metres below the surface under our zodiac; so close that I could see every bump and barnacle on her enormous back, will be forever etched in my memory!”

Grab your copy of our new Polar brochures and decide whether you want to head all the way north or south on your incredible once-in-a-lifetime journey. Plus check out our latest travel deals for Antarctica and the Arctic!

* Photo by Greg Croft – Intrepid Photography Competition

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What’s the longest trip you can take as a tourist to Antarctica? Is it possible to find something that isn’t based on work. Trying to figure out long term options to the most interesting continent in the world!!


The first overseas travel experience I had was travelling to India (from Australia) with an Intrepid tour, which I quite enjoyed. Antarctica is a destination that has always fascinated me, and I would love to travel there. So having that good first experience with Intrepid, I would definitely look into venturing to Antarctica with them.

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