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Amy Bolder from IntrepidThere’s an amazing team of women working with Intrepid around the world, and as you can imagine we’re more than a little obsessed with getting out there and exploring our planet. Amy Bolger is our Responsible Business Coordinator, so we quizzed her for responsible travel tips and asked what she loves most about her job…

Q: Can you describe your role at Intrepid in one sentence?
A: I get to work on putting into place the amazing socially and environmentally inspiring things Intrepid does, such as tackling climate change or promoting gender equality in the destinations we visit and in our workplace.

Q: What’s your favourite part of the job?
A: All of it! Although Responsible Business Week was probably my favourite time in the office. It was a week of organising inspiring people to come and talk to us about various sustainability issues, from ending global poverty and using ethical paper to choosing sustainable seafood and beer!

Q: My favourite destination is…?
A: The last country I visited was Lebanon and it was a perfect introduction to the Middle East. The people, the history, the food, all make me want to explore this part of the world further.

Q: What’s your travel philosophy?
A: Walk. Where ever or whenever possible, walk. You see more, smell more, experience more. And it’s not at all damaging to our precious environment!

Q: How are you a responsible traveller?
A: The key thing is respecting local people, their culture and the environment. I avoid giving handouts to beggars, it encourages dependency and keeps children on the streets and away from school. Instead, support a local organisation that’s sole purpose it is to address the issues that lead to begging. There are more great tips for responsible travel on Intrepid’s website.

Q: I never travel without…
A: A key tag my mum gave me before one of my big trips – it reads “Parents hold their children’s hands a while, and their hearts forever.”

Q: Best travel tip?
A: Learn some of the local language and don’t be afraid to use it.

Q: What’s on your travel wish list?
A: Given my recent taste of the Middle East, I’m really keen to explore it further on Intrepid’s 28-day Middle East Adventure. Oh and I have always wanted to hike up Kilimanjaro, and then there’s Antarctica…can I have more than one dream trip?

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