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If you want a book that ignites your pure passion for adventure, then you can’t go past Hunting Pirate Heaven, that follows the trail of old pirates to Madagascar. And if you want a real life adventure that inspires your own travel tales, then Intrepid’s Megan Hancock explains why Experience Madagascar could be your muse…

“You’ll get to see a lemur!”, was the response when I announced my Madagascar trip to friends. Though the cute local inhabitants were not the catalyst for my visit, I must admit they were something very special once I finally got to see them. I actually headed to the island nation in the Indian Ocean because I wanted to investigate a new destination for Intrepid that would be truly out-there and a long way off the regular tourist trail – Madagascar was this and much more!

It was fantastic to discover that Madagascar is far more than a tropical stretch of paradise. The idyllic island also boasts miles of barren landscape with large and rather unusual rocky outcrops, baobab trees, flora not unlike South Africa or Australia, those cute little Lemurs nestled amongst it all and wonderfully colourful characters who know how to make a fashion statement!

Travelling around Madagascar was like waking up to a bag full of surprises each day, from the scenery to the people. I loved it. Being allergic to sitting still for too long, I loved the opportunities to enjoy a wander or a hike up one of those dramatic outcrops. The selection of beautifully made handicrafts is a drawcard for shoppers and if you are a foodie you’ll love trying the seafood delicacies and unusual local specialties. Thanks to the French heritage you are never far from a good coffee and delicious pastries, which is a peculiar luxury when travelling somewhere so remote.

More about Madagascar? You will just have to experience it for yourself. If you are an adventure traveller who is keen to visit a country before tourism really takes hold, then heading to Madagascar is a must-see sooner rather than later. Plus it’s a perfect addition to other African travels, with direct flights from Nairobi on Air Madagascar!”

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Experience Madagascar – 15 days

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* photo by Peter Velter – Intrepid Photography Competition

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This sounds just wonderful. I have been looking at Madagascar, Egypt and a couple of other places for next year. This may have just made up my mind.

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