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grand canyon nevada usaOne of the best travel experiences is being stopped in your tracks as you come across a breathtaking landscape. It’s hard to top the Grand Canyon for that kind of reaction and Intrepid’s Graham Stanley enjoyed a rush just like that on this top trip…

“On my California Discovery trip we spent an incredible day exploring the Grand Canyon National Park. You can meander along well-marked paths on the canyon rim and at every turn discover a new vista of the incredible ravines. It is almost too massive to comprehend, but occasionally, deep down in the canyon, you can catch a glimpse of the river that has carved its way through the massive rock. Only on seeing this tiny slice of river does the true scale of this place become apparent. It is grand!

Californian condors, once on the brink of extinction, soared above us as we hiked a section of canyon rim. You could even hear the way their wings sliced the air as they twisted and turned gracefully with the air currents.

The most special moment for me was sunset. Most people tell you Hopi Point is the best place to watch the sun go down over the canyon, but we were tipped off about nearby Powell Point. Hopi Point was crowded, while we had Powell Point to ourselves. As the sun shifts, orange, pink and red light is cast across the giant canyon and it is breathtaking. It’s one of those moments where you just can’t open your eyes wide enough!”

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Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for the comment – of course you’re absolutely right. Sorry for the confusion, but the title of this story is a word play on name of the trip, even though the trip includes Nevada and Arizona.
Best wishes,
Sue, Intrepid Express Editor


The Grand Canyon is not in California!!!! It is stunning, but it is located in Arizona.

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