Despite Egypt’s ongoing political and social upheaval, it remains one of the most captivating destinations on earth, and is more welcoming than ever to travellers who want to uncover the secrets of its ancient culture. The iconic history of Egypt is imprinted on every single mind throughout modern history; since Howard Carter revealed Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1921, the Pyramids and surrounding relics have been cause for many an adventurer’s pilgrimage. It’s one of the few destinations that taps into the deep yearning within us to connect with an ancient human past, and is a must-see bucket list item for many. Combined with the experience of cruising down the Nile on a Felucca, and watching the sunrise from a desert camp beneath a blanket of stars, a holiday in Egypt is a mesmerising adventure from start to finish.

Top reviews on Egypt holidays

Looking for a holiday in Egypt but not sure which adventure to choose? Take a look through our top Egypt holiday reviews below to get the inside info from our very own Intrepid travellers. They have experienced Egypt first-hand on an Intrepid trip, so use their reviews to help you research your own Egypt holiday with Intrepid.

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Edward Kinnear

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Kate Elphinstone

Egypt Experience, October 2017

Joshua Lee

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Susan Willms

Jordan & Egypt Express, September 2017

Suzanne Herberte

Egypt Experience, September 2017

Vo Nguyen

Egypt Adventure, October 2017

Yogita Shrestha

Egypt Adventure, October 2017

Ryan Wynne

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John & Carole Strange

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Brian Collins

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