Things to eat in Greece

No Greece tour is complete without sampling the Mediterranean diet that drew Homer home. With plenty of seafood, yoghurt, vegetables and cheese, there's a Greek dish to complement every occasion, whether it's a late-night fix on the walk home or a romantic dinner at Santorini's sunset.

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Dolmades with yoghurt

Probably one of Greece’s most famous culinary triumphs these vine leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts and herbs are usually served with fresh, tangy yoghurt and due to their supreme ‘eatability’ don’t last long.

Grilled octopus

The Greek Islands are arguably the best place in the world to savour chargrilled octopus. Nothing beats freshly caught seafood, maybe even off the side of the boat, teemed with a cool beer and a golden sunset.

Horiatiki salata

Known as Greek salad in the English-speaking world, but just a 'salad' in Greece, the combination of olives, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, feta, olive oil and oregano shows that the simple flavours are often the best.


These small plates of vegetables, cheese, olives, dips and peppers are typically served before meals and are a perfect, light starter to a meal.

Fried calamari

Known as Kalamarakia Tiganita to Greeks, this quick and simple deep-fried delicacy is best served simple – with a slice of lemon and an amazing view!


This slow-baked lamb dish features the mouth-watering flavours of garlic and lemon. The cooking method ensures that the meat falls off the bone to create a tender masterpiece.


This classic Greek dish of layered eggplant, spiced meat and creamy sauce is delicious, decadent and delectable.


Sweet tooths shouldn’t miss these deep-fried doughy treats! Soaked in a sugary syrup or honey and cinnamon, they are small but simply sensational.


This classic Greek dish is a favourite meal and snack for many travellers. Small pieces of meat, and sometimes vegetables, are skewered and served up with salad, chips or a bit of bread to soak up the goodness.


A favourite with vegetarians, this dish of layered filo pastry, feta cheese and spinach is filling and flavoursome. If you happen to be on a diet, this flaky favourite will throw a real 'spana' in the works.


For a cheap and tasty meal, head to a yiros cart to choose from tender, grilled beef, chicken, lamb or pork yiros. This popular hangover cure consists of oily meat, wrapped in bread with salad and tzadziki and could possibly be one of the best examples of fast food in the world.

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