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Once upon a time, only the wild and woolliest explorers ventured to Antarctica. They stockpiled some beef jerky, said a prayer and headed off to chase that frozen horizon. These days, Antarctica is just as epic – icy tundras dotted with penguins, abandoned whaling stations, glaciers thundering into the sea – but you don’t need a team of huskies or your own fleet of ships to explore it. Not on our watch.

On an Intrepid polar voyage, we provide the state-of-the-art ship, enthusiastic team of wildlife experts (every heard of a penguinologist?) and endless adventure. And now that our early bird deals have landed, you’ve got even more reason to get on board. We’re taking up to $6000 USD OFF* Antarctic trips departing in 2017/18, but you need to book now. The wildest land on Earth has never been closer.

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