What to wear in Greece

What to pack for Greece will depend on where you're going and what time of year you decide to visit. For information about what kind of weather to expect, check out our regional breakdown of Greece's weather.

What to pack if you’re travelling in summer

Almost all of Greece is hot during the summer so no matter where you are you’ll need light, breathable clothing as well as sunglasses and a hat. It can get a little chilly in the Cyclades Islands, where the Meltemi wind blows, so a light jumper for the evening is a good idea.

If you’re heading into the mountains on the mainland it’s best to be prepared for everything as the weather can change extremely quickly. Bring a warm jumper, a waterproof jacket and decent walking shoes.

What to pack if you’re travelling in winter

Bring a raincoat, wherever you are, as the wind and rain can affect the entire country from the islands to the mountains. The mainland cities, like Athens, tend to get quite cool so you’ll need a jumper/sweater and a decent jacket and shoes.

The mountains (and many other places, actually) experience snow over the winter so if you plan on heading out to gain some altitude then pack your thermals, a warm hat, scarf and gloves too.

Read through our ultimate packing list for ideas on what to pack for your Greece tour.

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