When is the best time of year to go on a walking trip in Australia? 

The best time to embark on a walking adventure through some of Australia's most beautiful landscapes largely depends on which state you're travelling to. The perfect weather for walking in the Northern Territory may not be the best time to walk through Western Australia so we've put together a list of when you should travel to each state if your feet are itching to get moving.   


The best time to do a walking tour in Tasmania is during the months of March, April, and May (autumn) as the weather is still warm-ish and the days are sunny enough to explore the great outdoors for long periods of time. The usually lush landscapes take on an orange-red hue and this makes walking along the Overland Track in Cradle Mountain or trekking through the vegetation in Freycinet that much more magical. If travelling during autumn doesn't work for you, you can still visit the island state at any time of the year with every season offering something to do and beautiful things to see. 


The seasons of autumn and winter are considered the best times to do a walking tour in Victoria as the sometimes scorching heat of summer and unpredictability of spring's weather can make it hard to explore this state's natural beauty. While the weather in both autumn and winter isn't guaranteed to be nice and sunny, Victoria's various landscapes seem to come alive when it's wild and windswept, meaning that if you want to do some serious walking, the months of March, April, May, June, July, and August are the best ones to do it in. Another great thing about travelling to Victoria in autumn and winter is that there'll be fewer crowds gathered in national parks and nature reserves ensuring there's plenty of room for you to explore.  

New South Wales 

The best time to do a walking tour in New South Wales can differ throughout the year depending on what kind of weather you want to experience. The most popular months for travelling to New South Wales are February, May, and August (each one falling in a different season - summer, autumn, and winter respectively), however, the best time to embark on our Walk the Blue Mountains tour is either during the summer or autumn season. Travelling at this time ensures spectacular weather with days that are warm and not too hot or cold. The landscape will also be super lush and vibrant with colour, whether that's green in summer or a mix of orange and red in autumn. 


The best time to start your walking adventure in Queensland is during the season of spring when temperatures are warming up and the days are longer - all the more time to explore this state's extraordinary landscapes. While some weather events, such as rainfall, can be unpredictable during this season, it's still the best time to visit if you're chasing the sun. It's not advisable to travel to Queensland in summer, especially in the far north, as its potentially dangerous weather patterns can cause havoc on your travel plans and you might not be allowed access to some national parks (due to flooding). It also gets extremely hot in summer with temperatures around 36°C the norm making it hard to spend long periods of time outside. 

Northern Territory 

The dry season (between May and October) is the best time to do a walking trip in the Northern Territory. The weather during these months is fairly comfortable with warm but not too hot temperatures averaging around 32°C. This might seem high but the winter months see less direct sunlight (and slower lower UV rays) making it extremely manageable to explore the territory's various national parks and nature reserves. This temperature climbs to 35°C and combined with increased levels of humidity, makes embarking on a walking tour in the elements irresponsible. Various natural attractions are also closed during the wet season (December, January, and February) so you won't get the full experience in the Northern Territory if you're travelling during these months. 

South Australia 

Like a lot of other states on this list, the best time to do a walking tour in South Australia is during the seasons of autumn and spring because of the high probability of mild, sunny weather. While it's still possible to experience extended rainfall throughout these periods, the weather is a bit more predictable and less likely to include major storms or other extreme weather patterns. These months also offer the lowest amount of tourists so it's likely you won't have to share the Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park with that many travellers. Because of the nature of the South Australian landscape, you're best to avoid travelling to the state in the height of summer because temperatures can get quite hot and unsuitable for extended walks and treks. 

Western Australia 

Hands up if you're surprised that the best time to do a walking tour in the breathtaking state of Western Australia is March through May and September through November. (Hint: there should be no hands up). Following the same patterns as most of the other Australian states, the seasons of autumn and spring are the most favourable time to travel as the weather is cool but warm enough to enjoy spending time outside. The chance of rainfall is also lower than in winter so walking the Cape-to-Cape Track is super enjoyable and promises unforgettable views of the state's coastline. 

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