There's a lot to love about winter. There are holiday markets, crackling fires, and sometimes even a magical blanket of snow that quiets the busiest of cities. But the thrill of a last minute escape to somewhere warm and exotic can be just the thing you need to start your new year off on the right foot. You can spend your days exploring the spice markets of Zanzibar, salsaing your way around Rio Carnival in February, or sailing around the Galapagos Islands in the company of Sea Lions in March. 

We've got a last minute blow out happening right now on select destinations. Book before January 1st for up to 30% OFF Africa, North  America and South America trips. Discounts have already been applied online for eligible trips. 

Galapagos Islands

  • 30% off all Daphne departures from 1st January to 31st March 

7 Days From €2,510

Discover the natural treasures of the Galapagos Islands. Snorkel with sea lions in the...

6 Days From €2,000

Travel to the Galapagos Islands and see the unique Scalesia cloud forest, myriad...

10 Days From €3,717

Travel from Ecuador’s striking capital to the Galapagos Islands. Explore the...

Trip Name Days From EUR
Ultimate Galapagos - Central Islands (Daphne)



Pure Galapagos (Daphne)



Central America & South America

  • 20% off Central America & South America on all January, February & March 2017 departures (all Cuba trips are excluded)

East Africa & South Africa

  • 30% off January & February 2017 departures  
  • 20% off March, April & May 2017 departures 

North America

  • 30% off North America on all January, February, March & April 2017 departures 

8 Days From €1,295

Visit some of North America's most outstanding national parks and experience the all...

10 Days From €1,365

Visit the pristine wilderness of Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Badlands National Parks...

7 Days From €995

Wind from Louisiana, through the musical hub of Memphis and across the Appalachians on...