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Clare Valley, and greater South Australia in general, is known for its great weather from mild winters to warm and dry summers. While temperatures in the months of December through to February can get to extreme heights, the average temperature sits around 28°C making Clare Valley the perfect place to travel to during Summer. Due to the minimal amount of rainfall experienced during the spring and summer months, travelling to Clare Valley during these seasons makes for long days spent outside, enjoying the warm sunlight and sipping on some of South Australia's best wine. 

Clare Valley's rainy season occurs during winter (June, July, and August) but the temperatures are unlikely to go below freezing levels, even at night. The rainiest month of the year is July, averaging around 82mm for the month. This is followed by June with 79mm and August with 69mm. The months of May and September also see a fair amount of rain with 58mm and 62mm respectively. 

Even in winter, Clare Valley still enjoys a good amount of sunshine per day on average with temperatures sitting around 16°C, however, this can drop to an average of around 5°C when the sun goes down. 

When's the best time to visit Clare Valley?

While Clare Valley enjoys reasonably great weather all year round, one of the best times to visit this stunning region is during Autumn (March, April, and May) as the weather is still nice and warm but the crowds have gone meaning you can enjoy your winery tours in relative peace and quiet. The temperatures during this time are usually around the mid-20s so it's not too hot. 

Another great time to visit Clare Valley is during spring (September, October, and November) as the rainfall during the winter months has left the Clare Valley countryside lush and mesmerisingly green. Temperatures are also starting to get warmer as expected averages sit around 22°C with flowers blooming and wildlife flourishing. 

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