Show your support for the Peloton Against Plastic and help solve the environmental issues of plasic pollution.

From June 17, 2018 the Peleton for plastic will ride bicycles from Hanoi to Bangkok. We will visit grass-roots organisations in the region that are helping reduce the negative impacts of plastic pollution.  The ride will generate conversation and encourage local business solutions, which in turn will boost local jobs and provide long term economic empowerment for local communities.

Along the way we will take in the beautiful scenery and must-see tourist destinations of Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam.

We invite you to join us and help raise awareness of the plastic pollution issue in South East Asia.

Alternatively, keep scrolling and show your support by donating to this worthwhile cause through The Intrepid Foundation who will match your donation dollar-for-dollar.

Join the Peloton

The Peloton Against Plastic will ride from 16 June - 12 July  2018 on a special departure of our Cycle South East Asia trip. 

You can book to join the Peloton for the entire ride through South East Asia, or just one of the two legs; Vietnam, or Cambodia & Thailand.  

View the entire Peloton trip

27 Days From FR3,865

Gear up for an energising and rewarding cycling tour that takes in the best of...

Please note the Peloton will ride on this ultimate South East Asia cycling adventure through Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia departing on 16 June 2018. 

View the Vietnam leg

15 Days From FR1,692

Jump in the saddle for a two-wheeled adventure tour of Vietnam. Take in cultural...

Join in for the first leg of the peloton through Vietnam, from 16 June - 30 June 2018. You'll visit XXXXX and learn about XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXX  XX  X X X X XXX X X  X X XXXXX X  X X X

View the Cambodia & Thailand leg

13 Days From FR1,912

See Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand from two wheels on this 13-day adventure from Ho Chi...

Ride along on the second leg of the peloton through Thailand and Cambodia from 30 June - 12 July 2018. You'll visit our charity partner Rehash-Trash and see the local action in Cambodia to combat plastic pollution and enrich lives.

How to book

As this is a unique departure seperate from our standard cycling trips in South East Asia, you will need to get in contact with us to book onto the Peloton. 

Give us a call on 1300 797 010 to chat to an adventure specialist in real time or send us an email with your booking enquiry.

Our Partner

Rehash Trash - Recycling rubblish and renewing lives

Rehash Trash is working to reduce plastic pollution in Cambodia by turning roadside rubbish into stylish fuctional and decorational items which helps provide a steady income for disadvantaged women in Siem Reap. This social entreprise empowers the lives of struggling mothers and their families, while creating a healthier community and environment.

If you're unable to join us for the Peloton for Plastic, but would like to show your support, you can donate to Rehash Trash through The Intrepid Foundation who will match your donation dollar-for-dollar. 

Donate now

Support the work of Rehash Trash


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