Do I need a visa for Morocco?

Travellers from many countries do not need a visa to visit Morocco for a period of up to 90 days. Currently, citizens of Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, the EU and Canada, among many others, do not need a visa to travel to Morocco, provided they have a passport of usually six months' validity and an onward or return ticket (with supporting documents). However, some of these countries, while not needing a visa, need to obtain an Electronic Authorisation (AEVM). These countries include Congo, Guinea and Mali. 

If you do need a visa, you can submit an application either electronically or via your nearest Moroccan embassy/consulate/visa centre. However, regardless of whether you need a visa or not, ensure that your passport is stamped when you arrive in Morocco, as you may have difficulty leaving the country if your passport does not have an entry stamp.

E-visa eligibility and visa requirements 

Applying for a Moroccan tourist visa is relatively easy and straightforward and can be done in two ways; either online (depending on your nationality) or via your nearest Mexican embassy or consulate. If you're eligible to apply for it online, you'll need the following documentation: 

  • passport with at least 3 months' validity 

  • recent passport-sized photo

  • email address (that's checked regularly) 

  • debit or credit card to pay the visa fees 

Once your e-visa is approved (which generally takes a couple of days), it'll be sent to your provided email address in a PDF format. While you don't have to have a physical copy as well as a digital one, it's advised you print out a copy of your visa to avoid any disruptions. 

Applying for a visa via Moroccan embassy/consulate 

If you aren't eligible for an e-visa, you'll have to apply at a Moroccan embassy/consulate/visa centre and this may require you to present further documentation. This documentation could include:

  • passport with at least 6 months' validity 

  • recent passport-sized photo

  • travel plans including a return flight

  • proof of finance (bank statements)

  • itinerary information (accommodation reservations) 

Visas usually don't take that long to be approved but we recommend starting the application process as soon as you know you're going to Morocco to avoid disruptions to your travel plans. Once you've paid the visa application fee (around DH 220 or USD$23) and your visa is approved, you can stay in Morocco for a period of up to 90 days. 

This page is for general information only and may be subject to change. It is your responsibility to obtain relevant visa and travel information required for entry, departure and travel to each country or region you visit on your trip. You should confirm these with the relevant embassies and/or consulates. 

Last updated: 15 June 2023 

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