Hugging eight European countries, the 1,200-km-stretch of the Alps is a year-round playground for adventure seekers and R&R experts alike. Ambling through quaint towns, navigating sleek glaciers and gaping at the haunting mountains of this region, it’s easy to feel like you’ve stumbled into a postcard (or a Julie Andrews movie). A week-long trek through the green valleys and snow-capped peaks of Switzerland is the perfect way to break up that hedonistic European itinerary, without sacrificing trademark European comfort. 

Best time to visit

The best time to hike the Alps varies a little depending on what sort of altitude you’re tackling. In general, the best season for high alpine trekking is July and August. Lower mountain hikes can get away with September departures; in the foothills the season extends from May to October. Generally speaking it’s best to avoid mid-winter treks due to heavy snows, and early spring or late autumn are known for their heavy rains. 

Life on the trek

As a fairly well-populated region, the Alps offer a variety of comfortable accommodation options. Our French & Swiss Alps trip offers a range of comfortable hotels and includes most meals along the way. The Mont Blanc Circuit is more basic, with camping most nights in modern two-person tents beneath the stars. Porters are not included on our Alpine itineraries, although you won’t be expected to carry your luggage for long stretches. Pack light and portable. 

Different Routes