22 new ways we’re creating positive change through the joy of travel 

written by Danielle McDonald September 4, 2023

The Intrepid Foundation is levelling up (again).

In 2023 our not-for-profit welcomed 22 new partners – taking the total to 36 partners spanning every continent – which means they’re tackling more issues in more countries than ever. 

Intrepid supports this important work by making a donation to the foundation on behalf of every traveller on one of our Intrepid multi-day trips. Together, we’re making big waves. 

But what does that really mean? It means that together with 36 partners, we’re addressing social and environmental issues that span the globe. Whether we’re helping to break the cycle of poverty and inequality for indigenous Maasai women in Kenya, supporting pioneering whale research in Antarctica, helping to restore landscapes at scale in Australia or providing sustainable cooking courses to combat food waste and create job opportunities in Brazil, we’re determined to make a positive change.  

How The Intrepid Foundation chooses new partners 

Being intrepid, by name and by nature, means we like to do things differently. So, The Intrepid Foundation team don’t call all the shots from our head office – instead, they connect with our Intrepid teams on the ground who live and work in the places that need our help. Together, they identify where change is needed and carefully select partners who can make it happen. This ensures that your donations aren’t just about giving back but giving responsibly – providing aid where it’s needed most and can make the most significant difference.  

Our new partners cover four key focus areas: protecting the environment, taking a stand for wildlife, addressing inequality and empowering communities. Read on to find out more about their important work. 

Protecting the environment

1. Coral Reef Triangle Centre, Indonesia 

Coral reefs along the northern coast of Nusa Penida in Indonesia have suffered from irresponsible marine tourism, disease, coral bleaching, tropical storms and water pollution. The funds we contribute to the Coral Triangle Center Foundation support their coral restoration project and educate local children about ecosystem conservation. If you’re travelling on our Bali Family Holiday with Teenagers, you’ll visit the Coral Triangle Center with your group. 

2. Eco Thailand, Thailand 

EcoThailand‘s approach to climate action is to educate local communities about the importance of environmental conservation. Their Environmental Guardianship Education Program reaches children at local state schools in Thailand with engaging training that teaches how they can do their part to step up for the environment. 

3. Grand Canyon Conservancy, USA 

As the name suggests, this team of change-makers help to conserve and protect Grand Canyon National Park. Our support allows Grand Canyon Conservancy to repair and maintain trails, care for native plants and wildlife and run environmental education programs for park visitors. 

4. Greening Australia, Australia 

Climate change and biodiversity loss are our two most significant environmental challenges. Australia has already experienced the impacts of global warming and the largest documented decline in biodiversity of any continent. Greening Australia is tackling the country’s complex environmental challenges with large-scale restoration for damaged landscapes.

5. Zero Plastic, Sri Lanka 

Zero Plastic runs education and volunteer programs in Sri Lanka that teach local communities about the impact of single-use plastics while removing plastic pollution from the UNESCO-listed Sigiriya and surrounding communities. If you’re travelling on an Intrepid trip that visits Sigiriya, you’ll get a first-hand feel for the critical work they do. 

6. Galapagos Conservancy, Galapagos 

The Galapagos Conservancy‘s Women in Sustainable Entrepreneurship (WISE) Program supports female entrepreneurs in the Galapagos Islands who own small businesses focused on sustainability. By empowering women in conservation, they transform communities and create positive change for the environment.  

Taking a stand for wildlife 

7. Gorilla Doctors, Rwanda and Uganda 

Gorilla Doctors are helping wild eastern gorilla populations in Rwanda with life-saving veterinary care. Our donations allow them to provide routine health monitoring, vet visits and clinical interventions for injured mountain and Grauer’s gorillas. If you find yourself travelling on our Rwanda Gorilla Naming Ceremony & Uganda adventure you’ll even get to meet one of the gorilla doctors. 

8. WildAct, Vietnam 

Every year, hundreds of birds migrate from Europe and stop over in Vietnam. Eleven of these bird species are critically endangered or endangered, yet investigations found 1500 bird traps along their flyway. WildAct educates local communities and encourages them to get involved in conservation activities to stop poaching and protect the birds

9. Helping Rhinos, South Africa 

Our donations to Helping Rhinos support their world-first, all-female anti-poaching unit: Black Mambas. Made up of 36 young African women who patrol 20,000 hectares of land, the ranger program focuses on anti-poaching activities that protect rhinos and other critically endangered wildlife near Kruger National Park.  

10. RESPECT, Borneo, Malaysia 

Borneo pygmy elephants are considered endangered and there are just 1500 remaining in the wild. Habitat loss is their biggest threat. RESPECT regenerates lost habitats and engages local communities in Borneo in conservation initiatives to protect these gentle giants. 

Addressing inequality 

11. AMURTEL, Greece 

AMURTEL provides a safe space for refugee and migrant women and families in Greece. Intrepid make a donation to AMURTEL on behalf of every traveller who embarks on a Greece trip. This directly supports their antenatal and postnatal care programs, run by qualified midwives. 

12. CYDD, Turkey 

CYDD (Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği/Association for Supporting Contemporary Life) provides scholarships and education programs for disadvantaged kids in Turkey. The Intrepid Foundation specifically supports a program where scholarship awardees run outreach programs to help reach marginalised children.

13. Gastromotiva, Mexico and Brazil 

Globally, one in eight people don’t have access to enough food – yet as much as one-third of our food goes to waste. Gastromotiva are combatting this head-on by running sustainable cooking classes for disadvantaged youth and providing meals for homeless shelters in Mexico and Brazil

14. Humana Zagreb, Croatia 

Humana Zagreb are fighting fast fashion and empowering people with disabilities in Croatia. Our donations fund school programs run by Humana employees with disabilities. The programs teach children about fast fashion, the importance of reusing and recycling clothes, and the barriers people with disabilities face. 

15. VunArt, Vietnam 

More than 1.4 million people with disabilities are unemployed across Vietnam due to a lack of suitable jobs and social stigma. VunArt‘s innovative approach to this challenge trains people with disabilities in traditional folk painting skills (an art on the verge of being lost in Vietnam) which empowers them with job opportunities and a source of income. 

16. Ikorta, Georgia  

Anyone on an Intrepid adventure to Georgia may be pleased to know we’re donating to Ikorta on your behalf. That means you’re helping people displaced by war to integrate into a fresh new life in Georgia by providing education, training, internships, volunteering opportunities and entrepreneurial grants. 

Empowering communities 

17. Adelante Foundation, Honduras 

The Adelante Foundation is empowering female entrepreneurs from low-income communities in Honduras with small loans to help them grow their businesses and build independence. 

18. Awamaki, Peru 

Awamaki empowers indigenous women in Peru to start and run their own businesses. They offer lessons in quality control, product development and technical skills training for artisan weavers in rural Andean communities. 

19. Patinaai Osim, Kenya 

Indigenous women and girls in many Kenyan communities have limited access to education and poor reproductive health care, exacerbated by poverty and drought. Patinaai Osim is breaking the cycle of inequality and empowering the next generation of women and girls with essential knowledge through educational and skill-building programs. 

20. Cooperativa Coraggio, Italy 

Cooperativa Coraggio has turned unused public land outside of Rome into a thriving garden space that produces organic food and creates local jobs. You can get a taste of what they’ve got during some of our Italy trips, where you’ll visit a restaurant in Rome that puts their organic produce to good use. 

21. World Bicycle Relief, Global 

More than one billion people live in areas so remote they don’t have access to education, healthcare or income. World Bicycle Relief mobilises school kids, health workers and farmers in far-out areas with heavy-duty bicycles all over the world. When you hit the road on any of our cycling trips, we donate to World Bicycle Relief on your behalf.  

22. High Atlas Foundation, Morocco 

The High Atlas Foundation helps communities in Morocco adopt and understand significant development opportunities like organic agriculture, women’s empowerment, youth development, education and health. Donations made through the Intrepid Foundation directly support their sustainable agriculture program

Now you’ve got a taste of our 22 brand-new partners, you can discover all of the Intrepid Foundation partners that we donate to on behalf of all Intrepid travellers.  

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