24 new, unforgettable adventures for 2024 

written by Sahar Aman December 4, 2023

Dive into 2024 with The Goods, where each new experience and trip is a pause for the soul and an invitation to seize the moment for an adventure you will remember forever.  

Travel has a way of making us live in the here and now, and in a world that often feels full tilt, sometimes a pause for the soul is all that’s needed… Appreciating a view that stops you in your tracks, feeling touched by an unexpected connection, or moved by an experience that roots you to the spot. 

For 2024, The Goods’ line-up of experiences and trips is all about embracing new, unforgettable adventures that do all of the above and more. So if you’re up for some carpe diem next year, make it something from this list. 

1. Join a Cree guide for a Banff medicine walk  

Set out on a transformative experience with the Classic Canadian Rockies. Explore Indigenous cultures through a medicine walk along Cascade Pond in Banff, Canada, with a local Cree guide, offering a tobacco blessing and infinite knowledge of the region’s nature. 

2. Discover the way of the haenyeo 

Delve into the ancient female diving tradition of haenyeo community along the shores of Busan on the South Korea Highlights trip. Haenyeo, which translates to sea women, are known for their free diving skills and wisdom of the ocean. 

3. Enjoy a day of trekking and Borneon culture 

Immerse yourself in Borneo’s culture and adventure on the Real Borneo trip. Trek to Kampung Ratau for an overnight stay with locals in traditional bamboo huts, engaging in cultural activities like beadwork, traditional fishing, cooking, and a music class.

4. Spend a night with the world’s first female anti-poaching unit in Kruger 

Join the Black Mambas for a rare experience on the Kruger to Vic Falls trip. Walk with them as they search for poacher snares and then gather around a campfire to discover how these women are shaking up a male-dominated field to safeguard wildlife. 

Black Mambas head out on patrol as dusk approaches | Photo by Ilan Godfrey/Getty Images for Lumix)

5. Visit the Korean Demilitarised Zone 

Learn about the intricate history of the Korean Peninsula by meeting someone who has navigated the challenges of crossing the border from north to south on Intrepid’s new premium trip in South Korea.

6. Dabble in martial arts with a Vietnamese master 

A new experience on Scenic Vietnam gives you a chance to meet a family who has been practicing martial arts for three generations. Learn about martial arts heritage and try your hand at this ancient practice under the guidance of the family’s master.

7. Swing your hips in Jaipur 

A thumka is a traditional Indian dance move performed with your hips. You can learn this rhythmic little step and many others in a Bollywood dance class on Northern India Family Holiday Comfort. It’s a new activity the whole family will love. 

8. Let the spirits guide you in Guatemala 

Heart of Guatemala is a new trip where you can meet shamans that watch over the shrine of Maximon (San Simon) – a saint with a reputation for smoking, drinking and mischief. Your group will share a bottle of spirits with the shamans and toast the shrine. 

9. Rev up your support for women in Cambodia 

Join the Real Cambodia adventure to see Angkor Wat’s wonders with a female tuk-tuk driver – a new addition for 2024. Drivers Srey is a social enterprise on a mission to create safe jobs for local women. 

10. Drift off to the rumbling sounds of Mt Aso 

Staying in a tranquil Japanese inn found in a caldera the size of a small island will give you a story to share the next time someone mentions volcanoes. On the new Southern Japan Experience, you’ll spend a couple of nights exploring and sleeping in a lunar landscape forged by fire. 

11. Meditate on life on Mt Gaya 

Find a little spiritual enlightenment on Premium South Korea. Join a Buddhist monk in Haeinsa Temple on Mt Gaya for tea, an evening meditation and an overnight stay at a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

12. Skip stones like a champ in Scotland 

Join Premium Scotland to visit the shores of Easdale. It’s the smallest permanently inhabited island in Scotland with only 60 residents and home to the World Stone Skimming Championships. Test your skills in the age-old art of stone skimming and see if you can beat the 2023 champion’s 63-metre throw. 

a small island with the sunsetting in the horizon
Scottish island of Easdale | Courtesy of World Stone Skimming Championships

13. Explore Tunisia and a galaxy far, far, away 

Earth’s out-of-this-world destinations will do just fine until it’s possible to visit distant starry galaxies. Intrepid’s brand-new Tunisia Expedition takes you to backdrops from Star Wars movies, shows you sunsets over dunes, and immerses you in cosmopolitan cities with landmarks from another time. 

14. Don’t leave Iceland without tasting a hotdog 

Iceland’s hotdogs are somewhat of a national treasure. To put things into perspective, locals say that people now visit the country for northern lights and hotdogs. Try one on the new Six Days in Iceland trip

15. Grab a bag in Turkey

Cop (m)adam (Garbage Lady), is a groundbreaking project that transforms waste into eco-friendly handbags and a new addition to Intrepid’s Women’s Expedition in Turkey. Each bag contributes to environmental awareness and empowers women across provinces like Balikesir, Istanbul, and Diyarbakir with sustainable income. 

16. Spot stars in Yosemite 

Visit the cosmos with Intrepid’s new six-day Best of California’s National Parks trip. As the sun sets, join a naturalist guide from the Yosemite Conservancy to explore the constellations and discover astronomy insights, local lore, and cultural mythology. 

17. Experience a solar eclipse like a pro

On this once-in-a-lifetime tailor-made adventure in the United States, you’ll stargaze in dark parks, deepen your understanding of astronomy and experience the main event with an expert chasing his 21st solar eclipse. 

18. Pick your own farm-to-table lunch in Mexico City 

Chinampa is a farming tradition where small, rectangular floating islands are created to grow crops by pulling nutrients from water. A fresh, new experience on Mexico Real Food Adventure gives you a chance to visit one of these farmers, and fill a basket with ingredients that you will turn into lunch. 

19. Wine and dine with a Ngarrindjeri elder in South Australia 

Walk with a First Nations elder on the Best of South Australia to learn about his people and how they protect the land. Then sit down to a tasting plate with indigenous flavours and sip on some organic biodynamic wines. 

20. Learn about great apes from the Gorilla Doctors 

Gorilla Doctors is an organisation dedicated to protecting East-Central Africa’s great apes. When you join Remarkable Rwanda & Gorillas of Uganda in 2024, you’ll get the chance to meet heroes using veterinary medicine and science to save this magnificent species one gorilla at a time. 

a gorilla munching leaves
A silverback gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest | © Susan Portnoy

21. Find your happy feet with the penguins of Martillo Island 

Penguins are among one of the cutest animals on earth and hundreds of gentoos and megallanics call Martillo Island home. With Intrepid, you won’t just see them from afar but actually stroll alongside them on the Premium Patagonia adventure. 

22. Steam your own feast at a Michelin-star onsen 

Southern Japan Experience is serving up a self-care ritual for your mind, body and soul. After a nice, relaxing hot soak at an award-winning onsen, you’ll take a jigoku pot and cook food in the rising hot spring steam for a meal rich in flavour and minerals. 

23. Dig into some bush tucker with a Tasmanian Aboriginal guide 

The Best of Hobart & Southern Tasmania will teach you all about bush tucker – native ingredients foraged from the local wilderness. A palawa will guide you while picking treats from the earth and sharing stories about indigenous culture and heritage.

24. Take a carbon-friendly train journey from France to Spain 

Embark on Paris to Madrid by Rail to discover the essence of iconic European cities, all while lowering your carbon footprint. On this extraordinary train journey, you’ll explore landscapes, art, history, food, and more. 

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