Intrepid Meet Up App

You book the trip of a lifetime, and no doubt the excitement levels are starting to go through the roof. You can't contain it. It's all you can think about. You manage to thread it into every conversation. It has become the tapestry of your life. THE TRIP. But why aren't my friends/family/colleagues as enthusiastic as me?
The only people that aren't likely to be jealous of your adventure of a lifetime, are the ones who are lucky enough to be sharing it. And if you grab Intrepid's free Meet Up app, you'll be able to chat with your group members before your trip. You can share all of the anticipation and buzz without rubbing it in the faces of those poor folk you're leaving behind.
Once you've downloaded it, simply choose your trip from the dropdown list and select the date your trip departs (or add your departure). Then you can get the ball rolling with a message for your fellow travellers - over 1000+ Meet Ups a month and growing!