wake up call in indonesia

mt batur bali indonesiaIt might seem crazy to attempt a mountain climb at night, but Jess Klaebe, from My Adventure Store in Brisbane, Australia, has set her sights on this for a long time and couldn’t wait to experience the unusual pre-dawn trek in Indonesia

“It’s dark outside, the air is hot and steamy. It’s 2:30am and my group is waiting for our transfer to Gunung Batur – one of the many active volcanoes in Indonesia. Our first stop is a little house in a local village where coffee, tea and banana pancakes are served. The perfect kick-start snack to wake you up and get you ready. Then the trek begins. In pitch black, and merely by the light of our head torches, we start walking.

We begin on only a slight ascent and make our way through the shrubbery. Slowly but surely the steps and gaps between rocks get higher and steeper. The guide thinks nothing of it, almost running up the mountain, but to those who don’t know the route we take our time, making sure each step is perfectly placed.

Finally, two and a half hours later, just as it starts to get light and the sun decides to wake up, we are at the viewpoint. We rest on a ledge, gazing at the sun rising over the villages below. Our guide cooks us eggs and tea – the only way possible, by using the heat of the volcanic lava underground to boil the water and heat the pan. As we rest and take in a deep breath of fresh air, I’m suddenly struck by our incredible surrounds. It really is stunning and what an amazing way to start a day in Bali!”

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* photo by Adrian Brophy – Intrepid Photography Competition

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Gunong Batur is a great early morning hike. I have done it several times and the sunrise has been beautiful – and different – every time.

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