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cinque terre italyThe beauty of Italy has been the backdrop for many movies and countless books are filled with the romance of la bella Italia! It’s so easy to get swept up in la dolce vita, as the good life of Italy can be found everywhere from the canals of Venice to eclectic Palermo on the island of Sicily and stunning Cinque Terre. Intrepid Express reader Jennifer Chapman has moved Italy to the top of her travel wish-list after reading this inspiring book…

“If you’re someone who always dreams about going to Italy, then Carla Coulson’s Italian Joy will do more than inspire you, it will actually make you want to pack your bags then and there and go!

Unlike other travel stories about Italy, Italian Joy isn’t bogged down in too much detail. Yet Coulson’s descriptions do justice to everything from “bubbling tomatoes and baked ricotta” to the local fishermen’s daily catch and the best bars for caffe. And Coulson doesn’t fail to discuss her amazement of how openly affectionate Italians are, and even tells of how she herself found ‘amore’ with Francesco.

On top of her beautiful yet simple poetry, Italian Joy is full of amazing and sometimes personal photographs of her new life, making the book perfect for the coffee table.

Italian Joy is a story about a successful woman, throwing in the towel, heading to Italy and falling in love with a man and a country. It is light hearted and young, capturing Coulson’s admiration for Italy. It’s probably a little too heavy to take backpacking, but it is perfect if you need that extra push to follow your dreams. By far the best travel book I have read.”

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