the Intrepid Foundation defies the GFC

himalaya sunsetThe Intrepid Foundation’s ‘Intrepid Perpetual Fund’ has chosen to defy the global financial crisis and spend big on three causes we consider very important, timely and worthy.

The Australian Conservation Foundation and The Climate Project AU$40,000:

Congratulations to the five successful Intrepid Foundation-sponsored applicants (out of more than 120 through the Intrepid Travel promotion and over 2000 entrants in total), who will be trained by former US Vice President Al Gore at The Climate Project – Australia Asia Pacific Summit (A-P Summit). They are:

Aarti Bhalla, India – Intrepid group leader and responsible travel coordinator;
Harley Spence, New Zealand – the director of two environmental organizations;
Marita Manley, Fiji – agriculture and forestry policy adviser at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Penny Crossley, Australia – account manager with Flight Centre; and
Indira Naidoo, Australia – television journalist, broadcaster and producer.

They will all travel to Melbourne and complete a three-day intensive course where they will learn to deliver a version of the slide show from the documentary An Inconvenient Truth. It is the first time people from the Asia-Pacific region have been specifically included in the program which builds on the work of The Climate Project – Australia.

Once trained, each presenter commits to completing ten activities – to audiences of their choice. Five of those activities need be completed by 30 November 2009. The activities might be speaking to work colleagues about climate change, delivering a climate change presentation or talking to the media about their role.

The Intrepid Foundation is very proud to be a sponsor of this great opportunity for individuals and countries to make a difference to our future at this highly critical time leading up to the summit in Copenhagen in December. For more information about The Climate Project – Australia and its international partners, go to

Mission Australia’s Charcoal Lane Indigenous training restaurant AU$39,000:

On the fringes of Melbourne’s CBD, a vibrant and innovative social enterprise restaurant opens early July. Charcoal Lane will offer a high quality Indigenous-themed cuisine in a contemporary Indigenous setting, prepared and served by mostly Indigenous young people.

The Intrepid Foundation is contributing towards six young disadvantaged and unemployed Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people gaining experience in this real work environment as part of an integrated program, which includes personal skills development and accredited education in hospitality. Think of this as similar to Jamie Oliver’s ’15’, or if you have travelled with Intrepid Travel to Vietnam, you may know of the fantastic ‘KOTO’ in Hanoi.

The 120-seat restaurant and catering services will be open seven days a week. Around twelve apprenticeships in Certificate Three Hospitality and thirty trainees in Certificate Two Hospitality will be in the restaurant’s first intake. We can’t wait to meet them and experience their hospitality!

Friends of the Earth ‘The Big Melt’ Climate Justice Tour AU$40,000:

Climate change is currently destined to have a devastating impact on the ‘roof of the world’ – the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau. Glaciers are melting, consequently creating floods and endangering the local people. The big melt also means a big dry, as these ‘water towers’ of Asia lose their capacity to provide water to the giant rivers in the summer months. Eventually rivers like the Ganges in India and the Yellow River in China will lose their dry season flow and the billion people in these river basins will lose their water security.

In the lead up to Copenhagen, Friends of the Earth are arranging a tour to alert people to these concerns and examine how a global climate policy can be developed that will prevent the big melt in the Himalayas and halt global warming. Environmental lawyer and activist Prakash Sharma, from Pro Public Nepal, will be joined by Pemba Dorje Sherpa, holder of the world record for the fastest climb of Mount Everest, to talk about their experience of global warming in the Himalayas. The tour will also coincide with the release of a new Friends of the Earth report:
‘High Stakes – Climate change, the Himalayas and Asia’. The tour will take place in August 2009 and head to Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane.

For more information on the work of the The Intrepid Foundation and details of how you can help make a difference, please visit

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