Thailand travels: 5 unforgettable memories and a video

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Intrepid’s Kat Cayley explains why her eight-day ‘Explore Northern Thailand‘ adventure inspired lasting memories…

“I chose this trip for its diversity. From the colourful hustle and bustle of Bangkok to biking through remote rice fields outside of Chiang Mai – every day felt like it had something new and exciting to offer.

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What surprised me the most was how much I enjoyed the homestay. Our hosts opened up their home to us, sharing stories of everyday life, providing delicious home-cooked meals, music, traditional dancing, massage and even inviting us to visit the local school where we could interact and play games with the children. An experience I may not have learnt travelling solo.

What I loved best about the trip was the Chiang Mai cooking school, where we selected produce from local markets, and cooked up absolute storm! I can still visualise squeezing fresh lime into a sizzling Pad Thai straight from the pan to the plate.

I made some great friends with the people on my trip.  The banter we all shared on a daily basis was half the fun of the actual experience! Being a small group meant we could easily navigate through crowds, sit together for meals or split off for activities or some “you time”. And our local leader Arjan opened our eyes to so many things along the way, that you felt like you were living each day as a local, not just a casual observer.

I took away from this trip lasting memories of inspirational people, such as Soraida Salwala who founded the ‘Friends of the Asian Elephant’ hospital. Imagery of passing countryside from the view of a push bike, aromas of food that can only be described as fragrant and mouth-watering and an appreciation of all things ancient and exotic!”

Photo: James Tang. Video: Kat Cayley Photography

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Kat Cayley - Kat’s journey with the Intrepid Group kicked off 7 years ago. She’s travelled to multiple destinations across the globe and brings her passion for travel, photography and adventure to her role as part of the Product Training team.

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