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market cat bangkok thailandWhere better to treat yourself to great travel experiences at bargain prices than in Thailand? Express reader Cathy Ellis has a special Bangkok shopping spot where you’re sure to find the perfect souvenir…

“My favorite place to get lost in the moment is Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok. It is a monstrously huge collection of stalls filled with everything you can possibly want to buy, plus a few things you didn’t know that you needed.

My number one purchase was an interesting article of clothing (or two) sized for a western frame (“you got big size?”). They always go out of their way to show you their entire collection in your size in every colour available. It’s obvious the stallholders are seasoned hagglers, because they usually agree quickly to the counterprice I name. Spot the novice! When it comes down to it though, the extra few baht means more to them than it does to me.

The flower and fruit stalls are interesting because the tropical climate produces such a variety. The livestock area is a full sensory experience. The freshness of the meat is unquestionable when it’s still clucking at you. I also like to pick up jewellery or kitchenware for gifts. And of course, there are frequent hawker stalls to satisfy any thirst or hunger that shopping till-you-drop can summon up. There’s definitely something for everyone here!”

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* photo by Anne Marie Ranft – Intrepid Photography Competition

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Bangkok is still the best place to have clothes made for you too! Especially if you are a big Westerner!'

Be careful buying jewels in Thailand… sadly, there are a lot of fakes. However, the markets are fantastic experiences! Head up to Chiang Mai and check out the night market. It is my favorite by far. It seemed to have the most unique items, and fewer “repeated” items (for example, the carved soap/ wax flowers that seem to be everywhere).

I’m a big guy, and often heard the line, “I have your size!” They were usually right, too. 🙂 I brought home more t-shirts than I needed, but as you mentioned- the few baht meant more to them than it did to me. (And who doesn’t need some extra $2 shirts?)

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