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Taz Liffman from IntrepidIntrepid’s Responsible Business Assistant, Taz Liffman, is renowned for his laid-back temperament, but when it comes to sustainable travel he’s a man on a mission. We put Taz under the spotlight to find out a little more about his travel passions…

Q: How do you describe your occupation?
I’m primarily responsible for reporting and calculating the carbon offsets required for purchase to ensure that Intrepid’s trips are all operating as carbon neutral.

Q: What’s your favourite part of the job?
Eating all the leftover cakes from our Sales Department’s bake-offs – just because I hate seeing good food go to waste! Though saving the world one carbon off-set at a time is pretty sweet too.

Q: What’s your favourite travel destination?
Anywhere in Africa. Closest thing I’ve found to a second world.

Q: Do you have a personal travel philosophy?
Go with the flow.

Q: How are you a responsible traveller?
A lot of minor adjustments to our travel style can make us responsible travellers, but one of the main things I take with me is water purification tablets, so that I’m not buying hundreds of plastic bottles along the way.

Q: What places do you like to avoid:
Anywhere that might remind me of home. I love discovering new places and immersing myself in the unfamiliar.

Q: You never travel without…?
My trusty travel towel. It’s 15 years old, dries in 2 minutes flat, and has accompanied me to over 30 countries. Some say it smells a bit, but I don’t see it that way.

Q: Your best travel tip?
Maps will only get you feeling lost.

Q: What’s the dream Intrepid trip you want to take?
Iran Adventure.

Q: “When I’m on holiday…”
I usually start thinking about my next trip!

For more information on Intrepid’s responsible travel philosophies please visit our website.

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